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Bounty hunters are hireable mercenaries who track down and capture or kill anyone with a price on their head, although they are also known for doing nearly anything for the right price. A good bounty hunter is very well armed and very dangerous. There are, however, plenty of incompetent specimens throughout the galaxy, lacking any real skill but wishing to get rich quick or simply seeking adventure.

Bounty hunters usually work alone, although they sometimes do form partnerships. Partnering with a bounty hunter can be very dangerous business, though, as they typically value their personal gain — and survival — above that of their companions.

Alternately, there are a number of guilds associated with bounty hunters. Most bounties are presented to a guild unless the presenter is able to contact the hunters directly. Posted bounties are then sent to hunters affiliated with the guild and the hunt is on. With the exception of powerful beings, most beings contract hunters in this manner.

There is a Code among bounty hunters that attempts to establish a fair playing field for competing hunters. Ostensibly, the Code keeps the hunters in line, yet it rarely works and is never enforced.


Bounty hunters are almost always mistrusted and feared by locals around the galaxy. This is because their line of work is so often dangerous, backstabbing and frightening. Many famous hunters earn reputations as fearsome as the most horrific criminals the galaxy has ever seen. Some hunters become household names. However, there are occasional counter-examples to this viewpoint. Bounty hunters who follow government regulations and target dangerous criminals are often seen as on the side of law enforcement.

Generally, bounty hunters remain neutral during times of galactic conflict. They are known to favor one side or another, although do not officially join any one group. Most often, however, bounty hunters are hired by individuals — particularly criminals. Shadizaar is particularly fond of using them, both for their effectiveness and their availability.