Renaaran Sector (Sinosa)

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The Renaaran Sector is a high-rise district located on the moon Sinosa. This sector houses many public merchant areas and an ill-kept warehouse district located along the perimeter of an expansive thoroughfare. The most prolific enterprise found in this region is the gambling industry. Casinos and trendy hotspots such as the Touchdown Bar attract patrons from all walks of life. Crime is abundant in the Renaaran Sector, but the authorities at Renaaran Port Control largely ignore the smaller offenses and partially encourage the occasional bounty killing. Professional hunters are able to find easy work tracking down wanted criminals throughout the various city-levels. One of the more populated habitats within the Renaaran Sector is the public housing area and the machine shops in the highest levels. The entire city reeks of refuse and debris as antigrav garbage scows float from level to level collecting garbage.