Shuttle Kursk

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Ship Details

  • Ship Name: Shuttle Craft Kursk
  • Ship Registry: NCC-34523
  • Ship Class: Type-11 Heavy Shuttle
  • Ship Status: Active

The Kursk is a Type-11 Heavy Shuttle assigned to the USS Ronin, named after the largest tank battle of the Second World War on Earth.

Stardate 238506.01

On stardate 238506.01 Lt. Jhen Thelev used the Kursk to attend the wedding of Captain Idril Mar and LtCmdr Danny Wilde in London, Earth.

The Kursk was subsequently used by the real Danny Wilde, Lt. Thelev, Lt (jg) Valis, Ensign Seth Wulfram and Lt (jg) Will Rogers of the Ronin when Captain Mar was kidnapped by the Alternate Commander Wilde.

They succeeded in chasing the fleeing Commander Wilde to his hideout in Calais where the Kursk used microtorpedos to blow open the doors to a cargo bay allowing the crew to confront the inter-dimensional interloper. En route, the shuttle's transporter was hijacked by the alternate Jack Kolk as part of his own plan for revenge. Lt. Thelev then piloted the Kursk again, this time chasing after Evil Kolk as he escaped Earth but was forced to turn back in order to ferry the seriously ill Captain Mar and crew to the Wilde Estate back in England for emergency medical intervention.

After a busy day, the Kursk was later used by Ensign Wulfram, Lt. Kolk and Lt. Thelev to travel to Oxford to pick up several crates of whiskey from Jack's uncle in order to repay a favour.