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[[File:Thor Shore Leave 4 Full.png|600px|center]]
<br><h3><div style="overflow: hidden;">{{LCARS-bar-left|Shore leave 4: Stardate 239803.01 - Present|COLOR=black}}</div></h3>
<br><h3><div style="overflow: hidden;">{{LCARS-bar-left|Second Season, Shore leave 1: Stardate 239803.01 - 2398.04.14|COLOR=black}}</div></h3>

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Thor Shore Leave 4 Full.png

Second Season, Shore leave 1: Stardate 239803.01 - 2398.04.14

Shore Leave Summary



  1. Lt. Commander Ben Garcia went LOA at the beginning of the shoreleave.
  2. Ensign Glass retired at the end of the shoreleave.