Malak Salo

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USS Thor
Malak Salo
Position Nurse
Rank Petty Officer First Class
Species Orion
Gender Male
DOB 236712.01
Age 33
Birthplace Unknown (Orion Space)
Writer ID E239702A10

Petty Officer First Class Malak Salo is currently serving as a Nurse aboard the USS Thor.


  • Height: 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
  • Weight: 99 kg
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Dark
  • Build: Muscular


His twin sister. They have a very close relationship and he cares deeply about her. He had always admires her calm and intelligence and he looks at her as the person he would like to be.

They often tease each other about the fact that he is the youngest, by the sheer amount of half-hour time.

(Background/Personality/Career History)

Born as a slave to an enslaved mother, Malak and his twin brother, Nesre , never knew much about their father, just that their mother, Lisha, was sold to their master while she was still pregnant. At an early age, Malak started to receive training as a future thug, but his nature was not made for it, which didn't have pleasant repercussions for young Orion. This made him devote more attention to his sister and mother.

In 2377, their Orion master was caught by the Syndicate for trying to cheat it, he was killed, his family also taken to slavery, and all his property seized - including Nesre, Malak and their mother. While on a ship that was taking them and others to be auctioned off, a Starfleet vessel intercepted and brought the slaves aboard. Given sanctuary, the three found themselves on Earth and a chance to start a new life. With the opportunities before them, Lisha encouraged her children to dream big and work hard, however, the sudden change of environment and distrust of people outside the little family due his experiences made Malak take time to adapt to his new life.

When his twin sister enrolled in the Academy that gave him a goal to pursue and he tried to join as well. Unfortunately, he didn't make the cut and that frustrated him further. After several unsuccessful attempts, he resolved to join a commercial vessel as a lowest rank crew member, looking for a direction for his future.

After going through several starships, he discovered that helping out on sickbay was what made him feel fulfilled and decided to undergo training as a nurse on a hospital ship, starting from the bottom as a non-specialist assistant. Despite being successful in his career and a valued professional on many of the ships he served, his slightly distrustful and restless nature made him switch ships many times, until finally it was decided that he would be assigned to the Thor, where his sister would serve as well, in an attempt to stabilize his life.

Service History

Service History

Work in progress

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment Additional Comments
Recruit Entry Training
STO Crew3rd Teal.jpg
Crewman Third Class Nurse
STO PO3rd.jpg Petty Officer Third Class USS -- Nurse
STO PO2nd Teal copy.jpg Petty Officer Second Class 239706.01 - 239712.04 USS -- Nurse
STO PO1st Teal.jpg
Petty Officer First Class 239712.04 - Present USS Thor Nurse

Awards & Service Ribbons

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