Shemsh system

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Shemsh system
Par'tha Geography
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  • System Name: Shemsh
  • Location: Oscion Sector, Par'tha Expanse
  • System Data: 8 Planets, one main-sequence star.
    • Shemsh I: Rocky planet, gravity of 0.72G. No atmosphere. Hot, unremarkable and common ores.
    • Shemsh II: Rocky planet, gravity of 0.38G. Toxic atmosphere consisting of ammonia and carbon dioxide. Hot, with some uncommon ores.
    • Shemsh III: Rocky planet, gravity of 1.92G. Minimal atmosphere
    • Shemsh IV Shemsh: Terrestrial planet, gravity of 1.12G. Ideal climate for most Alpha quadrant Federation races, inhabited by abundant flora and fauna. Home to a new Federation colony. Orbits Shemsh V.
    • Shemsh V: Class 1 gas giant, primarily made up of hydrogen, with outer cloud layers made up of ammonia. Surrounded by 38 unremarkable rocky moons.
    • Shemsh VI: Class 2 gas giant, primarily made up of hydrogen. Very distant from the system's star, but spins at an abnormally high rate which keeps its temperature high. Outer cloud layers are made up of water vapor. Surrounded by fourteen moons, some of which contain very high contents of rare ores.
    • Shemsh VII: Metallic planet, small, gravity of 8.29G. Tungsten core is responsible for very high surface gravity. No atmosphere. Marked for further study, due to rarity of this sort of planet.
    • Shemsh VIII: Rocky planet, gravity of 0.15G. Extremely cold, no atmosphere, unremarkable.
  • Sapient Species: None native; Colonists and Par'tha Expanse visitors only.
  • Technological Classification: Rating N on the Richter Scale
  • Government: Federation Colony (Representative Republic)
  • Culture: The Shemsh Colonists are tough, smart, independent, and hardy, all requirements for colonists at the edge of Federation space. They consider themselves even moreso than usual, because of the attacks they faced on their way to the colony site.
  • Affiliation: Federation, with representatives from several other species in the embassies provided on Shemsh IV.
  • Resources: Abundant easily accessible gaseous elements in the planet's gas giants, and ores in planetary crusts and asteroid fields. Extensive plant based resources on Shemsh IV.
  • Places of Note:
  • Ship Facilities: Shemsh IV has an orbital Jupiter Starbase style station, named Shemsh Orbital-Alpha, for resupplying and repairing visiting ships. Facilities for Starfleet vessels are carefully guarded. This station has the ability to switch out the mission pods on Nebula and Akira class starships.
  • Defenses: Starfleet Marine Corps and Starfleet Rangers contingents on Shemsh IV. Various phaser and photon torpedo satellites which can be repositioned throughout the system via towing or self-contained thrusters. Peregrine fighter squadrons and runabouts, permanently stationed on Jupiter starbase and Shemsh IV surface.
  • Other Details: Shemsh IV is the Federation's central government in the Par'tha Expanse, and is home to extensive diplomatic facilities, markets, and large hospital. All designed to facilitate cooperative scientific, social, and economic activity between Federation colonists and Par'tha Expanse residents, it is still under construction. The Shemsh system was purchased through the offer of scientific, medical, and trade collaboration with the Par'tha Expanse Noble Houses as Federation territory through negotiations conducted by the crew of the USS Chin'toka

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