Elliot Manstead

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Elliot Manstead is a pirate crew member serving the pirate king Henley Marths.

Elliot’s former crew was executed or stuffed into shuttles by Marths, and he was the lone survivor of the SS Rampart. Elliot was spared solely on the fact that he was an engineer who had the intellect to maintain the engines. He is bitter and resentful toward the other pirates, but he doesn’t object to the life he lives. He'd been serving under Marths' command since 239511.25, when they captured him and the Rampart. He was nicknamed "Bonus" because he was considered a boon to Marths' efforts, since he was the only one who knew anything about the ship's engines.

He opted to surrender to the Veritas boarding party in exchange for his life, and his last known location was the brig of the USS Veritas.