SS Rampart

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The SS Rampart is a customised Oberth class vessel, modified to be closer to a Jester Class variation of an Oberth class vessel. It is a former small civilian science vessel turned raider ship. It is currently the companion vessel of the SS Wildfire.


In late 2395, Henley Marths captured the SS Rampart. During the capture, the Rampart's senior crew that resisted were killed in a skirmish on the small ship’s bridge. The rest of its crew were put into shuttles and sent away, except for its talented Engineer, Elliot Manstead. Marths considered Manstead a “bonus” and had forced him to become a member of his own crew.

Since its capture, the vessel has been converted and upgraded into a highly maneuverable ship with effective weapons, and now flies alongside the Wildfire. It is used for raids and quick boarding actions, allowing the Wildfire to stay at a distance for as long as possible.