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Lieuteant JG Aresee Ventu - "The Daughter"

238302.26 (February 26, 2006)

(( Celipenthia Auxiliary Room ))

:: Aresee nearly fainted. Matilda, for her part, didn't even have the sense to look abashed. Never mind that she'd followed Aresee into a hostile situation, and WOULD PROBABLY GET THEM ALL KILLED.... ::

:: She took a deep breath and glared at the transtator's tiny screen. ::

VENTU: What. Are. You. DOING?!

MATILDA: I WAS getting off the ship. It was obvious you didn't want me around, dear, and I thought I'd do you a favor. I can return the shuttle...don't worry about that!

VENTU: Mother, who's worried about the SHUTTLE?! This is a ROMULAN STATION!

MATILDA: Dear, have you noticed that you don't really have the desired level of emotional control for a good counselor? I wouldn't say it normally, but...

:: Behind her, Aresee could hear Julia and Ben talking over Matilda's chattering. By the sounds of things, they'd pinpointed the marines; Aresee paid little attention until Ben pointedly directed a comment at her. ::

HUNNICUTT: I don't know how long that message will go unnoticed.

MATILDA: ...I would recommend talking to your assistant. He's an excellent man, if you ask me, and some time with him would be time well spent....

VENTU: Mother: Enough!

HARDEN: Lieutenant, finish with your mother. Ben's right.

VENTU: Mother! Listen to me: Get out of the shuttle! Hide somewhere and DON'T COME OUT. We'll find you.

MATILDA: Aresee...

VENTU: They'll trace your transmission. We'll find you!

:: Aresee disconnected, and the transtator's screen went blank. Finding her wayward mother would be up to them now.... ::

VENTU: Doctor, you should know...well, I think my mother might be on the station.

HARDEN: What do you mean your mother might be on this station? How do you know that?

VENTU: Well, I think by now she IS on the station. She stole a shuttle from Victory.

:: Aresee spoke quietly, wincing inwardly. Her mother was turning out to be a bigger thorn in her side than she could ever had imagined. NOW she needed a rescue.... ::

HARDEN: Well, I've sent the signal to Team Bravo. They should be exiting the crate about now. Lieutenant, we are going ahead with the plan as scheduled. Your mother will have to fend for herself.

:: Aresee's eyes widened. Fend for herself? They weren't going to attempt a rescue? Matilda was her mother, even if she was a handful.... ::

:: Aresee followed Julia and Ben out into the flashing green corridors in a fog. She didn't hear them talking, and barely registered the strobing alerts around her, wondering vaguely if that was because of her mother, too. ::

:: She reawoke slightly when they ran into another Romulan woman and a...well, was her companion a Romulan? Even more surprising, Julia had started to talk to them.... ::

:: In quick order, she discovered that he was another Starfleet officer and, just as quickly, fell back out of the conversation. She was battling inwardly with herself: She knew that Matilda's chances on a Romulan station alone were abysmal, whereas both teams' chances were much better. She would be punished for seeking her mother out, but it was her mother.... If she did nothing here and now, and behaved like a good little girl, they would take her mother...hurt her, beat her, kill her..... ::

:: The conversation around her suddenly faltered, and she realized that they'd been talking about the same things she'd just been thinking about, albeit in regards to a different person. This new man, Commander Diamond, was talking about giving himself up willingly to be interrogated.... ::

VENTU: You must be insane! You can't DO that to yourself!

DIAMOND: Look, we are wasting time here, ::looking at Harden:: I assume you are the one in charge, so it is your decision. Do not be concerned with my safety, trust me, I will be alright.

:: Aresee shrugged; if he wanted to be a damned fool, that was his choice. Besides, it might give her a nice diversion. ::

:: They continued on until they reached another group of Romulans; Aresee recognized Phoenix's altered visage. She felt an empty sensation fill her, and her pulse was now or never. She edged to the back of the group, until she was level with the true Romulan woman. When they were a scant ten meters from Phoenix's group, Aresee did it: She ducked off down a side corridor between green alert flashes. She began to sprint down the hallway, looking back over her shoulder, but she was safe. With no one in front of her and no one behind her, she pulled out the transtator and scanned for her mother. The lone human biosign was easily detected: one hundred meters ahead and down four levels.

:: Aresee rushed blindly ahead, thinking and yet not thinking. ::

:: The time for action had come, and she had made her decision. ::

Lt. j.g. Aresee Ventu
U.S.S. Victory