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  • Name: Riela
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Service Number: Y290-237 SE
  • Department: Starfleet Engineering Officer
  • Assignment: USS Atlantis
  • Position: Engineering Officer


Duty History

  • Posting/Duration/Service:

Riela was born in Kale'ra City on Cardassia Prime into a normal family. Her mother and father were very loving towards her, however they chose to educate her outside of the normal system which was at first frowned upon but due to her families position in society, her mother was a Scientist and her father an Engineer for the Local Government, it was accepted.

It was only when the Cardassian Union became allies with the Dominoin that Riela found out the truth about her family. Both were active members of the splinter group called Free Cardassia, which advocates violence and terrorism to overthrow the Central Command to place a wholly civilian leadership in charge of the Union. Unfortunatly, Riela lost her mother when she and her father took up arms against Dominion Soldiers on the night of the Demar Uprising against the Dominion and Breen forces.

Riela later left Cardassia Prime and decided to join the Star Fleet Academy in order to develop her skills as an Engineer.

Personality & Appearance:

Riela is 165cm tall and weighs 64 Kilograms. She has long black that rests on her shoulders her but usually ties it back while on duty, she also has deep green eyes.

Riela is a very good engineer with the ability to be able to see problems quickly and find the best way to correct if without getting worried and is extremely good at coming up with unique solutions. She also has the making of a fine leader in the engineering department, she has the ability to encourage and get the best out of others.


Despite Riela 'difficult' past she often wears a very happy face and is always the first to tell a joke, to be one of the more solicable characters when off duty. However Riela does still carry psychological problems from the loss of his family.