R&R Gone Wrong on Gaia (Constitution)

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  • Stardates 238601.31 - ??????.??

Having stopped off at Starbase 118 for new crew and supplies, the Crew of the USS Constitution had taken R&R on the planet of Gaia. The USS Constitution was "hand-delivered" by Rear Admiral Rocar Drawoh to Captain Cura Assanti and had transferred all command codes and privileges to her care. The new Constitution crew were scattered over the surface of the planet, but they had all gathered for the promotion of their commanding officer and for the awards, which were presented by Rear Admiral Rocar.

The situation on Gaia, with all the festivities, might have appeared calm, however much unrest had transpired prior to the banquet. Attempts had been made on Lt. Cmdr Fanel's life. This, of course, concerned Captain Assanti. Even though those trying to assassinate Lt. Cmdr Fanel and his family were not after the crew of the Constitution, they were in a "tight" spot. The rules of the Prime Directive would keep them from inteferring on a large scale, however Captain Assanti was not about to let anyone take "POT" shots at her Second Officer.

As the Ceremony came to an end, things began to return to the former state of chaos... Caught in the middle of a Palace coup and a civilian uprising, the crew found themselves having to deal with a situation few of them had ever considered, let alone trained for.