Piracy on the High Stars

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Piracy on the High Stars is a lighthearted holonovel set in the year 2293

The players serve as the crew of the Constitution refit class USS Armstrong with orders to patrol the Klingon neutral zone.

The holonovel opens up with the USS Armstrong having been sabotaged by nefarious traitors who have set a course directly into Klingon space - a violation of the recently signed Khitomer Accords. As the program starts up a number of players are selected at random to be the traitors. The identities of the traitors are a secret to the rest of the crew, and the traitors have different game goals than the regular crew players.

The simulation has several game aspects, including riddles, puzzles and challenges. This, combined with the over-the-top action and lighthearted tone make it a well rated piece of entertainment; but purists have chided it for a lack of historical accuracy.

The Starbase 118 Ops crew decided to play this simulation as part of their shore leave, with the following crew roster: Commanding Officer: Baylen Anders First Officer: Antero Flynn Helm/Navigation Officer: Trel’lis Tactical/Weapons Officer: Arden Cain Communications Officer: Kaitlyn Falcon Yeoman: Sal Taybrim ~*~ Chief Engineer: Theo Whittaker Chief Security Officer: Trellis Vondaryan Chief Science Officer: Taelon Chief Medical Officer: Mirra Ezo Counselor: Bas Nadia