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Starbase 118
Arden Cain
Position Civilian Consultant
Rank Civilian
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 236307.19
Age 37
Birthplace Earth

Arden Cain is currently serving as a Civilian aboard the Starbase 118 Ops.


  • Height: 160CM
  • Weight: 65KG
  • Hair: Brown, cut short
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Build: Slim


  • Aron Kells: Arden had several Commanding Officers during his time in Star Fleet but it was Aron Kells that left the largest mark on him. Through working closely with the man, Arden developed a trust and friendship so strong that he risked his Star Fleet career to help him a couple years back. THough Arden hasn't encountered his former Captain since then and doubts he will, Aron Kells influence on Arden remains.
  • Parents:
    • Father: Willard Cain, 50, Owner/Operator of a small interstellar freight company mainly transporting ores and other raw materials to and from independent colonies.
    • Mother: Marcella Stevenson, 45, navigator and engineer aboard her husband’s freighters.
  • Siblings: Ellen Cain, 20 years old, currently studying Medicine on Earth
  • Helen Stevenson: Aunt, 40 years old. Botanist currently living on Earth
  • Elonat Stevenson: Cousin, son of Helen Stevenson. Spent most of his time on Vulcan with his father. Currently serving in Star Fleet.



At Arden’s parents request, Arden spent majority of his life living with his Aunt on Earth while his parent operate the family inter stellar-freight business. After he completed High school with above average grades particularly in math and science Arden travelled with his parents for three years. Owing to his resentment of his father, Arden spent most of his time with his mother aiding her in ship maintenance.

While aboard the freighters, Arden’s mother tutored him in all facets of starship engineering improving on Arden’s natural aptitude. After his third year aboard, Arden made the decision with his mother’s approval to join Starfleet. The decision was an easy one for Arden because he knew if he didn’t get out and away from his father’s clutches he would be there the rest of his life.

Upon leaving his relationship with his father grew even more hostile unlike his time spent with his mother. To him, it had helped make up for lost time as a child but as far as he was concerned there was too much distance between his father and him to make up so easily and his departure only served to widen the gap.


Arden Cain is socially reserved however confident in his work. Arden openly admits that he is not the best in his field, he is however passionate and dedicated toward it, always seeking to become better. When circumstances call for it, he is unafraid to voice his own opinion in a work related matters.

Ever since his days at high school Arden has been known for being introverted in social situations, parties and so forth. When possible he avoids them all together, if not Arden puts in the bare minimum of appearances before finding a way out. He isn’t afraid of crowds as such but rather the people themselves preferring to spend his time by himself.

Arden doesn’t like getting close to many people and values his privacy. Making friends is not something Arden does easily or frequently and those friendships/bonds Arden does make mean a great deal to him. This is shown in putting a great deal of loyalty and faith in said person. Arden tends to expect the same level of loyalty from his friends in return but realises that’s not always possible. As long as he is treated with respect and nothing happens to shake that loyalty and faith Arden doesn’t expect the world from his friends.

Ever since Arden was young he has had a short temper in regards to his father. This is among the instances of where Arden can get emotional elsewhere he will avoid his more emotional issues, bottling them up rather than facing the issues. Arden will fight back if stirred up, stopping short of throwing punches after realising his inferior physical build in most cases

Arden typically avoids the subject of family in particular those relating to his father.

  • Temperament: Tends to be easy going and calm. More assertive and the occasional aggressive streak show as required in extraordinary situations (Family crisis’s and extreme working environments etc).
  • Habits: Calls all Star Fleet personnel by rank or title as supposed to name, even when given the option by senior Officers. Exceptions to this are his close friends.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Although exposed to a variety of religions and spiritual beliefs systems throughout his travels, Arden doesn’t believe in any. He is the type of person who doesn’t put much faith in something that can’t be scientifically or logically explained. Having said that, he is tolerant of others beliefs as long as they don’t force said beliefs onto him.
  • Quarters: When given the choice, Arden keeps his Quarters away from majority of ship mates. The Quarters themselves are usually scarcely decorated and kept clean at all times. Even though most of the quarters Arden has had have been limited in size, he sets up a spot in them where he can read comfortably. This usually happens on his bed or an arm chair. It was only after the departure of the previous First Officer of the Mercury, Lt. Commander Hannibal Parker, that he moved into the designated First Officer's quarters on deck two. And at that it wasn't by choice but he was too occupied at the time to argue the point.

Career History

Star Fleet Service Record

Professional History: Timeline of Active Duty
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
DS9style-cadet4 gold.png Cadet 1st Class 238805.24 Graduated Starbase 118 Academy Engineer
DS9style-ens gold.png Ensign 238805.26 - 238808.11 USS Constitution-B Head of Engineering Department
DS9style-ens gold.png Ensign 238808.11 - 238809.26 USS Ronin Engineering Officer
DS9style-ltjg gold.png Lieutenant JG 238809.26 - 238810.04 USS Ronin Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
DS9style-ltjg teal.png Lieutenant JG 238810.04 - 238812.08 USS Ronin Chief Science Officer
DS9style-ltjg teal.png Lieutenant JG 238812.08 - 238812.10 USS Mercury Chief Science Officer
DS9style-lt teal.png Lieutenant 238812.10 - 238902.23 USS Mercury Chief Science Officer
DS9style-ltcmdr teal.png Lieutenant Commander 238902.23 - 238904.13 USS Mercury Chief Science Officer/Second Officer
DS9style-ltcmdr red.png Lieutenant Commander 238904.13 - 238905.05 USS Mercury First Officer
DS9style-ltcmdr red.png Lieutenant Commander 238905.05 - 238905.09 USS Mercury Acting Commanding Officer
DS9style-ltcmdr red.png Lieutenant Commander 238905.09 - 238912.11 USS Mercury First Officer
DS9style-cmdr red.png Commander 238912.11 - 239002.06 USS Mercury First Officer
DS9style-cmdr red.png Commander 239002.06 - 239106.22 USS Altamira Commanding Officer

Notable Career Moments

Post Star Fleet History

Among the destruction of the USS Altamira, Arden was court marshaled on the grounds of repeated failure to follow correct chain of command, conduct unbecoming a Star Fleet officer, and Negligence resulting in the death of crew members and the destruction of a Star Fleet vessel. Arden's JAG defense consular successfully argued that Arden was acting in compliance of Star Fleet General Order 6 which significantly reduced charges against Arden but he was ultimately still sentenced to one year imprisonment.

Arden didn't fight this sentence and served his time, during which he tried to stay out of trouble as trouble usually took on the form of disagreeable inmates. Among Arden's release from prison he dipped into a reserve of gold pressed latinum that he saved up before joining Star Fleet in order to travel around the Alpha and Beta quadrants. His aim was to see the sights that he never got to see during his time as a Star Fleet officer as he slowed down and found his place in the galaxy once again.

After a couple years of travelling he decided to set up shop on starbase 118 as a private scientific and engineering consultant.

Awards, Service Ribbons & Badges

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards DutyPost StrangeMedallionAward 2011.jpg
Strange Medallion 2389
USS Mercury
The Strange Medallion is a duty post award that recognizes first officers, this award is given to those who perform above the call of duty in the position of First Officer.
Awards DutyPost CochraneAward 2011.jpg
Cochrane Award 2388
USS Mercury
The Cochrane Award is a duty post award and is awarded to those science officers who have contributed greatly to the advance of science in the midst of their Starfleet career.
Awards General BPlot 2011.jpg
B-Plot Award 2388
USS Mercury
The B-Plot Award is a general award and is awarded to those simmers who manage to show a good portion of the character's life despite the demands of the main plot.
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Klingon Invasion Ribbon 2389
USS Mercury
Awarded to an individual who has taken part in the Klingon Invasion of 2389.
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon 2389
USS Mercury
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Good Conduct Ribbon 2389
USS Mercury
Awarded to an individual who shows conspicuous gallantry in the line of duty.
Awards ServiceRibbons LegionOfMerit 2011.jpg
Legion of Merit 2389
USS Mercury
Awarded to an individual who has distinguished himself or herself by exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements.
Awards ServiceRibbons battleforbajor 2011.jpg
Bajoran Campaign Ribbon 2389
USS Ronin
Awarded to those who participated in the Battle for Bajor Campaign.
Awards ServiceRibbons WarWithBorg 2011.jpg
Galactic War with the Borg Service Medal 2389
USS Constitution-B
Awarded to an individual who participates in a conflict against the Borg.
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 2388
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.


20th Annual Awards Attendee
Badge 1.png

SIM Archive

USS Constitution-B

USS Ronin

USS Mercury

  • The World Benenth 238906.09 - (Discovering an ancient and sunken city on Eta Corvi IV)
  • Field Surgery 238907.13 - (Performing field surgery on Isaac Bale after a mishap on DSX)
  • The Right Approach 238908.20 - (Arden negotiates with the Corvians to prevent a war.)

USS Altamira

  • The Seeker - 239101.26 (Reunion with Aron Kells)
  • Realities of Command - 239106.22 (Retelling of the events that led to the destruction of the Altamira)
    • OOC Note: The ending of this story was retconned whereby Arden turns the Admiral down leading to his court marshal and imprisonment.

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