H'Rhaedrol Barr

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Embassy on Duronis II
Chief Specialist H'Rhaedrol Barr


  • Rank: Ensign
  • Ship: USS Garuda
  • Position: Nurse and Paramedic
  • Species: Betazoid
  • Gender: Male
  • DoB: 236507.14 (Age:31)
  • Birthplace: Lake Cataria, Betazed
  • Height: 1m 71cm (5ft 8')
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Eye color: Black
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Skin Colour: Olive
  • Build: Athletic
  • Telepathic Status: T2/E4
  • Handedness: Right
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Ensign H'Rhaedrol Barr is a Betazoid nurse and paramedic.

He is of average height and has a mediteranean-like appearance with olive skin, glossy black hair with a wave to it that he wears in a pony-tail, and large, dark eyes.

H'Rhaedrol is quite a powerful and sensitive long-range empath, and short range telepath, but is described as 'unsubtle' by his peers. The mental equivalent of the man with the big ears and loud voice. His sensitivity is very useful in his work as a search-and-rescue paramedic.

USS Ronin