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Production Information
Manufacturer various
Class antigrav
First Production date
Expected Lifespan
Technical specifications
Maximum Acceleration
Maximum Speed (atmosphere) 600 kph
Crew (standard) 1
Minimum Crew 1
Passengers 1
Cargo Capacity 10 kg
Offensive Capabilities none
Defensive Capabilities none
Sensors standard package
Communications standard package
Other Features

A renithor is basically a high powered antigrav engine with a seat attached, distantly related to Hoverbikes. The name comes from an old Valcarian phrase meaning "death seat." Renithors combine antigrav generators with turbothrust engines to produce veritable speed machines. The renithor sacrifices virtually all manner of safety device in order to achieve higher speed - there are no back-up handling, accelerator or braking controls, and beyond a simple seat restraint, no protection for the pilot. Manufacturers assume that anyone brave enough to strap into a renithor is good enough to handle one under any condition - or they'll die trying. Renithor racing is an extremely popular sport in both the Valcarian Empire and in the Par'tha Expanse.

Handlebar accelerators provide renithor pilots with convenient control of the high-performance craft, while foot pedals operate lift, thrust and braking. Control auxiliaries accessed by the pilot's knees turn and angle the craft. Due to the massive acceleration rates renithors are capable of, pilots and passengers must be strapped onto the craft. Without safety straps, riders would be thrown from renithors during climbs, dives, rolls, spins and other high-powered maneuvers.

Renithors are capable of traveling at over 600 km per hour. While some have the ability to travel several kilometers above a planet's surface, they generally keep a low altitude. Many racing renithor bikes have their brakes removed to reduce weight, thus making the renithor bike faster. They also have deflector shields to protect them against impact. However, due to high speeds, many riders are thrown off and killed upon crashing into an object.