Molly Williams

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Amity Outpost
Molly Williams
Position Child
Rank Civilian
Species Vulcan/Human
Gender Female
DOB 239107.12
Age 9
Birthplace San Francisco, Earth



  • Name: Molly Williams
  • Current Rank: Civilian
  • Race: Vulcan/Human hybrid
  • Date of Birth: 239106.12
  • Place of Birth: San Fransisco, Earth
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: T0/E3


  • Height: 4'0
  • Weight: 24kg
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Green


Name Current Posting Relationship status Notes
Sophie Williams Amity Outpost Mother and caregiver Since Ensign Williams was assigned to Amity she has been the sole caregiver of Molly, as Molly's Aunt Lisa is still on Earth. However, juggling being a mother and being an engineer has been quite a challenge.
Annamae Barberra Amity Outpost Friend Crewman Annamae Barberra as Molly always calls her, is one of Molly's favourite people, mainly because of the fact that Annamae has a slightly different set of rules than everyone else, one that includes being able to go see the Stellae[1] along with many other adventures to come.
Wil Ukinix Amity Outpost Friend Wil Ukinix did happen to take Molly to the USS-Independence-B once, however keeping the ship docked. She did get ice cream though.[2]
Kivik USS Kitty Hawk Acquaintance Kivik met Molly once when she had unintentionally snuck away from her school trip. Since then however, ne has transfered off of Amity.
Ginnin T'nik Amity Outpost Acquaintance T'nik (or Mr Ink as Molly calls him) is mildly daunting, yet her firey curiosity, along with an adventure with Crewman Annamae Barberra[3] has caused Molly to do more than stare with piqued interest at his shop "The Tusk"
Ychol Amity Outpost Friend Ensign Ychol, who Molly originally met by accident,[4] has begun to become a mentor of soughts for the young Vulcan.

Background and personality

Molly was often looked after by her aunt, Lisa, who was her mother's closest friend while her mother finished school and Starfleet Academy. Aunt Lisa would play games with Molly, and teach her new and interesting things, sparking the intense curiosity and bubbly-ness that follows the young half-Vulcan. Molly has a fascination with gadgets and engineering, much like her mother, but also takes a deep intrest in sciences such as Xenobiology. Her father works on a transport vessel back in the Alpha Quadrant. He says it's "Illogical to go through four years of Starfleet Academy just to be with his family." He has been trying to get time off to visit, but not too much success.

Little Molly will often go exploring around the space-station, often caught unsupervised in areas restricted to only Starfleet personnel and having to be escorted away. She also spends time in the Merchant District[5] (as it's only down the street from her and her mother's apartment). Molly has since made an unbreakable pinky promise to Commander Ukinix in regards to her solo excursions and how they need to not be solo.[3] Whether this sticks or if the child finds a loophole is yet to be known.

Habits and Quirks

  • Molly will often refer to Starfleet personnel by their full rank (i.e." Lieutenant Junior-grade" rather than "Lieutenant") and will often correct people when they do not say it as such.
  • Molly will also ensure to treat ship names in the same way, sometimes including the registry number in as well, although that seems to get to the point of being a mouthful.[3]
  • Some of Molly's favourite things include Ice cream, ducks, circles, the holodeck, G-type stars, the number 10, a classic Terran book series called "Slinky Malinki", the planetoid "Pluto", Maths, and the colour Purple.[6]

Additional information

Molly Williams is a PNPC played by the writer of Rebecca Iko


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