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Basic Stats

  • Name: How should we refer to you? Ani, or Zenia Emba, or just as Bec, I don't mind
  • Joined StarBase 118: 239810.06 (oct 6 2021)
  • Writer ID: A239810RI3
  • Favorite Trek series/movie: So far, Next Generation

Player Characters


  • MSPNPC - Michael Rubio


  • Amity Outpost

OOC activities

  • N/A - yet


Hi, I'm Bec, One of the babies of SB118, and DEFINITELY the baby of Amity, still a wee lil high school student. I'm from Australia, In a smol "desert" town, and ig that's all you need to know for now? oh, I play the cello, so that's a thing... lol