Destroying the Labs (AB45, part II) (Kodiak)

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The USS Kodiak has been tasked with a classified operation concerning Starbase 45.

Kodiak was to retrieve operational computer memory for all research data stored at AB45 and render the systems non-operational.

Upon arrival, it was determined that there existed a level 7 biohazard and a level 9 HAZMAT contamination. An away team entered the subterranean base in type II environmental suits and after encountering corpses of base personnel animated by unknown biological agents the team was able to secure the data.

The team also met with a Romulan team, purpose unknown, which was disabled after a fire fight.

The team is now attempting to leave the surface amidst significant storm activity; there are also Orion agents present, as well as a Klingon team. Locally deployed spacecraft coincident with Kodiak's position supported these other pretences.

Having successfully retrieved the data, the Kodiak is presently in route to Vulcan in the hopes of curing a crewman exposed to one of the viruses on the surface.