Craft assigned to USS Kodiak-B

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Type-9 Shuttles

  • NCC800101-1 (Black Bear)
  • NCC800101-2 (Brown Bear)


  • NCC800101-5 (Honey-1)

Type-6 Shuttles

  • NCC800101-3 (Great Panda)
  • NCC800101-4 (Russian)


  • NCC800101-6 (Cave Bear)


SW-21 Long-Range Warp Shuttle

  • Koala
    • This is a small-unarmed SW-21 Long-Range Warp Shuttle capable of carrying up to 2 crew and 10 passengers and achieving warp 3.
    • It is used to convey officers and crew between distant points in secure areas of space.

S-20 Standard Administrative Shuttle

  • Black Bear
    • Not warp capable.
    • It is crewed by 2, and can carry another 6 passengers
    • The vessel is ideal for away missions and movement within friendly solar systems

  • Sun Bear
    • Not warp capable.
    • Crewed by two, and can carry another 6 passengers.
    • The vessel has a modified sensor array and computer system for scientific missions.

GS-50 Mark IV-a tactical fighters

  • The Cubs
    • The Kodiak Fighter Wing consists of 5 small GS-50 Mark IV-a tactical fighters. They are not capable of warp speeds, but carry forward phasers, and have 360 shielding.

SC-22 Sphinx Class Cargo Shuttle

  • Cave Bear
    • 2 person crew and may accommodate another 6 passengers.
    • It can transport 25 cargo units and tow additional Cargo pods

Danube Class Runabout

  • Ottawa
    • Replaced the runabout Brown Bear damaged beyond repair at AB-45.

Jovian Class Runabout

  • Grizzly
    • Assigned to the Kodiak during the last days of the Dominion War.
    • A marine transport vessel, it sports extra armour and firepower than the Danube Class.

Scratch built

  • Kodiak Flyer
    • The Flyer is a scratch-built shuttle unique to the Kodiak.
    • Created from the remains of the Brown Bear and an experimental shuttle discovered at AB45.
    • For its size, the shuttle has little room for crew.
    • Has advanced phasers and a quantum singularity powerhouse similar to Romulan vessels.
    • Also has an advanced guidance system and micro torpedo launchers
    • Fitted with a metaphasic shield system based on the Kodiak's shields.
    • In appearance, it is similar to the Delta Flyer.


Danube Class Runabout

  • Brown Bear
    • Destroyed at AB45 when boarded by mutants.

Classified Super-weapon Testbed (AB45)

  • Shuttle X
    • A super weapon designed and then moth-balled by scientists at AB45.
    • The test fleet of the shuttle determined that most systems were either too hazardous to operate or seriously flawed.
    • The test flight of this vessel killed one officer.

S-20 Standard Administrative Shuttle

  • Red Panda
    • Destroyed on the surface of the planet Kismet when it was attacked by a giant Ice Worm