T'lithian War (Kodiak)

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Some months previous, the USS Constitution had encountered a interdimensional race called the T'lithians. The T'lithians now launch an attack against the Antedeans. A Federation member, Starbase 118 scrambles to put together a task force to meet the threat. Kodiak, which had been nearly decommissioned is tapped, to lead the counter offensive. On the way to the Antedean colony Fol, the energy based shape shifting T'lithians attack Kodiak internally. They almost succeed in kidnapping Adm. Hollis and Lt. T'Pen. On arriving at Fol, Kodiak use marines and orbital attacks to retake the planet, while a recon team locates the T'lithians base within the adjacent sector.

The assault on T-5, the T'lithian base, involves a task force of 5 Starfleet vessels, and 15 Antedean corvettes. Facing 2 T'lithian dreadnoughts and scores of attack craft, Starfleet is victorious, but Kodiak's star drive section has to be abandoned, and the USS Glory destroyed with all hands.