Atholeen Colony (Kodiak)

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The Kodiak was recently en route on a supply mission to Atholeen IV. One moment the ship was moving along, and the next it was caught in some type of anti-space paradigm. Through the efforts of the crew, they discovered that a Callimarri, a plasma being, was using the ship to get back to its own world.

The crew quickly discerned what they needed to do to get back to regular space. They used advice they received from the different telepaths on board via the aliens, and eventually came face to face with a dark entity. After defeating the dark entity, the ship then made its trip into Federation space where the crew discovered a plot by high ranking officials in the Federation.

The Kodiak joined with other ships to help arrest a captain that had gone against his orders. But on the way there, the first officer, Lt. Commander Matthew Lee, betrayed the ship for his own interests. Now the crew of the Kodiak is trying to debug the ship from any attempts on Lt.Cmd. Lee's part to sabotage it further, and help arrest a captain gone bad.