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Kivis Sector
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Homeworld: Kivis V


They have to work hard to produe enough food to survive. It is due to the cooperation of the entire population that they have been able to survive.


They are ruled by a high priest who is advised by a council of elder priests that numbers 100.


They appear to be typical humanoids with the following exceptions. They have no hair of any kind. Their ears are small openings low down on the side of their heads. Their skin tone is a dark reddish brown. They wear earth tone pants, shirt and a hooded ponch as well as good strong boots.


Typical humanoid physiology with a typical set of ailments and diseases.


For the most part well adjusted mentally with only a few cases of mental instability.


They believe that they are watched by the spirits of the departed. These spirits are watched and guarded by a Guardian who determines who is worth of entering the world beyond. Those found worthy are allowed in. Those spirits not found worthy are cast out to wander and eventually be destroyed.

They have a 50 foot statue of the guardian that is built into the wall behind the alter of the huge central cathedral in their capitol of Popish.


They have myths that talk about the need to obey the priets every order or face the destruction of their spirits.


Very structured society with the priests controlling every aspect of daily life.


They are a hard working people with little time for any form of art or entertainment. In fact such activities are frowned on and could result in an individual being considered a heretic and then brought before the ruling council that will usually find the individual guilty and sentance them to death by fire.


Unknown at this time.


Pre industrial with some wind and water powered machines.


No true military but they do have a group of warrior monks who deal with savage predators and heretics with equal speed and brutal efficency.

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No contact on record.