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Four Letter Code ARIE
Federation Status Unknown
Planet of Origin Aries III
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level
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See also: Aries III


Their history has been relatively peaceful with few wars amongst themselves. They tend to be a very laid back and relaxed people. In fact it takes a lot to anger them. This more than anything may be the reason why so few wars were ever fought in their past.

They developed at a steady pace. Their first few attempts at space travel were failures and they gave it up for almost 100 years. Then they learned they were not alone so they tried again. This time they did it right.

Since then they have pushed hard to colonize those systems close to them. This is the only major change to their previous history of exceedingly slow technological development.


The Aries people have a centralized legislative form of government which decides issues by majority vote. Each region which represents approximately 1 billion people elects 3 representatives. Representatives meet in the capitol city of Ewuel in the Hall of Assembly. Here all issues are discussed and subsequently voted on.


The Aries males are noted for their curled, ram-like horns on the upper sides of their foreheads in the region of their temples. While most males have them, some either do not or they are smaller and may resemble those found on females. They have prominent ridges over their eyes and tend to stand on average about 5'6" to 6'2" and weight about 160 lbs to 260 lbs.

The females are slightly smaller being on average 5'4" to 5'10" and weighting between 100 lbs and 180 lbs on average. The females also seem to have longer hair on their heads and it is usually as soft and silky as the rest of the fur covering them. Also the horns on a female are missing entirely or in rare occasions just small projections of about 2 to 3 inches on their temples. They also do not have the prominent foreheads or the ridges over their eyes.

A typical Aries has three fingered hands with a thumb and four-toed hooves for feet. Their eye color is normally brown or black but some have been seen with amber or gray colored eyes. They are covered all over with a short soft covering of fur. The fur on their heads is longer and usually more coarse and darker than that covering their body. Hair color is typically white, black, chestnut, and other various shades of brown.


They are all vegetarians. They have 3 stomachs to help them digest all the fiber in their diet.


They tend to be a very laid back and relaxed people. In fact it takes a lot to anger them. This more than anything may be the reason why so few wars were ever fought in their past. They also do not have any recorded cases of mental illness unless it was a byproduct of old age.


Some of the people still offer gifts and tribute to the ancient statue of mystery that stands in the center of the Capitol city of Ewuel. This older religion has mostly been replaced with the newer belief that has resulted in the Book of Life.

The Aries people have a well organized religion that while a part of all their lives seems to be as relaxed and laid back as they are. Their are no priests. Anyone may enter a temple and look at the Book of Life. The book is more like the combined wisdom of their ancestors than a bible as such. It gives examples on how to deal with or handle various issues that may confront any of them at anytime.


Most of their myths have to do with agriculture, crops and the need to work hard as a community in order to survive.

Predateing these myths are legends that revolve around the statue that stands in the center of the Capitol city of Ewuel. It is over 50 feet tall. It is of a humanoid that appears faintly terran with long hair and a beard and mustache. He wears robes that hang down to his feet and holds a book in one hand balanced against his hip. His other hand is pointing out at something.


They are a very close knit people with a singular racial identity that allows them to function well in large groups. In fact they prefer to live in large communities with as many others around as possible.


While they tend to be primarily an agricultural race they have adapted to the technological needs of being a space fareing race. This has not affected their original racial identity much. Most of the original customs, celebrations and ways of life that were so much a part of their way of life prior to the technological advances still tend to take precedence.


Harvest Celebration

The most noticable and important custom is the harvest celebration. It is the most important holiday for their people and it usually lasts for 3 days, with over 85% of all weddings occur during this time. They tend to sing, eat and dance till they are to exhausted to continue, then they will find a place to rest or sleep. Once they wake up they start all over.

Spring Planting

The second most important holiday occurs after the end of the spring planting. This tends to be a less energetic time than the harvest celebration. At this time the other 15% of their weddings take place. While danceing and feasting do take place their also tends to be a lot of relaxing in the hot spring sun.


They have warp technology and a well developed industrial base. Pollution is kept to a bare minimum and they have a number of facilities in space including a repair station and a number of defense satellites.


They have no infantry force but they do have a very large fleet of mid to small sized warships that carry some troops who also double as crew.

Starfleet Intelligence Files

Only formal contact between the Federation and the Aries people occured with the USS Equinox which was lost in 2373. Only minimal and fragmented records from this mission and contact were ever salvaged.

Most of our current information is second hand, received from Bajoran, pre-occupation records.