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Homeworld: Kivis VI


The people developed over time into a group of waring fuedal nations. Each fighting to control more productive land and better resources.


No central government. They are divided up into 22 different regions. Most of these regions are governed by some form of nobility that closely resembles that of fuedal europe during the dark ages.


They appear to be typical humanoids with the following exceptions. They have no hair of any kind. Their ears are small openings low down on the side of their heads. Their skin tone is a dark reddish brown. They wear heavy pants and shirts of rough wool with leather boots and gloves.


Typical humanoid physiology with a typical set of ailments and diseases.


For the most part well adjusted mentally with only a few cases of mental instability.


They all worship a single diety. A hard god who does not interfer in the actions of his people. He watch's and then rewards the brave and honourable in the next world. Center of this religion is the independant island of Ruid.


They were created and left to survive on their own. Their god stands guard to protect them and those who he finds worthy will eventually find themselves serveing him in the next life as warriors protecting their world.


Very similar to feudal europe during the dark ages.


Very similar to feudal europe during the dark ages.


Unknown at this time.


Early industrial age with steam, wind and water power. They have gunpowder and use it for large siege weapons but tend to prefer hand held weapons and crossbows. The nobility do have excellent rifles and handguns but the time and cost make it impossible to arm normal troops with them.


Each fuedal nation has their own military force.

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