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Homeworld: Corfus IV


They do not have a written language so most of their history is a mystery. Also different areas have different stories that have been passed down orally as a history of their people.


They have no form of centralized government. Each island and in many cases each village or town has it's own ruleing body. Different towns, villages or islands will have different systems for governing themselves. Some examples are town council, mayor, governor, noble, matriarc, elder's, dictator, elected official, hereditary official, etc.


The native Corfus is a humanoid with black hair that starts growing very high up on their foreheads. They tend to let it grow long and the women will braid it into a single strand while the men will tie it back into a single ponytail. They have 2 black or brown eyes, 2 hands with 4 fingers and a thumb as well as 2 feet with 5 toes. Their nose does not project out as far on their face as a terran's being flatter to the surface of the face. The have a slight brow ridge that runs above their eye's.

There exposed skin tends to be tanned a light brown color due to all the time they spend out doors. Males tend to be slightly taller than females with the average being 5'8 for men and 5'6 for women.

They tend to wear a lot of black with a few earth tones thrown in. They will also wear some off white shirts or under garments.


Their are a large number of different dialects.


They are a red blooded species with a fairly simple physiology that has many of the same clinical problems as many other typical humanoid species.


They are a practical people with few mental problems. They tend to be rather dour and cool. Their is very little outward display of emotions except among the young or those who are courting.


Their are a number of variations of a central theme when it comes to a religion. Most revolve around nature, crops and fertility. In different areas and communities they have different names and degree of importance.


Their myths all have to do with nature, crops and fertility.


They are a very close knit people with family and then the community being the most important factures in their lives. They will all pitch in to help out someone who needs it. They are a hard working race who seem to be very cool and reserved. Outward displays of emotion are not acceptable except in the children or couples who are courtin.


They do not have any visual arts and song and dance is reserved strictly for weddings and harvest festivals. The rest of the time they are to busy working to waste the time. Some of the better carpenters and metal workers will embellish their work but their is not a big demand for it.



A boy who likes a girl must first bring something he had made with his own two hands and leave it outside the entrance to her fathers house. Then he must watch from a distance. If she like's him she will go out and bring the object into the house. If she does not then her father will come out and take the object to market and sell it.

After that he may come callin and ask her to walk with him. When they go out for a walk she will be followed by her father or an older brother at all times. After 1 year if they are still courtin he may ask her father for her hand. If he agrees then they can get married. It is expected that dureing that year the yound man will have spent his free time building a home for them to live in.

Harvest Celebration

The only true celebration other than at a wedding is normally in the fall after all the hard work of bringing in the crops has been finished. Then the entire community will gather to eat, sing, dance and give thanks to the gods for a good harvest.


This may be the only dark stain on them as a people. They can and will hold a grudge for generations. Nothing can end a blood feud except the total extermination of all the males of the offending family.

As a rule no body will interfer in a blood fued and females are off limits when it comes to conflict. This does not mean that females are immune to the strong emotion of hate that can and does keep these fueds alive through many genersations. Just that they are not allowed to participate in any form or manner.


They are farmers and fishermen for the most part. They use hand powered tools and muscle to achive most of the tasks and labours needed to survive. Their are very few specialized workers and they are normally only evident on the larger islands or towns.


For the most part their is no formal military. Most males can and will grab what ever weapons are close to hand and step up to help defend their homes and community. However some of the bigger communities may have males who are better equiped and prepared to deal with any problems needing strength and force.

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