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Homeworld: Lamemda III


According to the early histories recorded in the clanless city of Mon'gel, the Lamemda people have always been warrior nomads. They followed their herds accross the wide plains. The various clans fighting wars and raids, stealing livestock and struggleing to survive.

It was only when the clans started to grow in size that they began to build permanent camps. These camps slowly developed into cities and allowed the people to make advances in their technology. This was a very slow process.


They do not have a central government and are divided up into large clans. Each clan claims a region and area of the huge wind blown plains. Each clan is governed by a Kagan who is the hereditary leader of the clan. He has the power of life and death over every member of his clan. His word is law.


The Lamemda are a short stocky race with many of the typical features of most humanoid species. The males are on average 5' to 5'8" and weight about 180 lbs to 240 lbs. The females are on average about 4,8 to 5'6" and weight about 100 lbs to 160 lbs.

They have flat features and a wide nose. They have black hair and brown eyes for the most part and their skin tone is a deep olive brown. Most of the males walk with a strange rolling, bow legged stride. Most females do not.

The males for the most part wear earth tones with a lot of leather in the form of jackets, pants, boots, belts and vests while females will wear more colorful clothes and no leather except for boots and belts.


Basically a normal humanoid physiology. Their diet is high in meat, cheese and milk. They drink a form of fermented milk called Kavis. They are in excellent physical shape with few being overweight.


Few cases of mental illness.


Mon'gel is the god of war, battle and warriors. He has no priests, no temples and expects nothing from his people except for them to fight with skill and honour. Every warrior will offer thanks to Mon'gel for victory in battle and pray for his support in the raids and fighting to come.

At some point in every male Lamemda's life they are expected to make the trip to Mon'gel. This city is located in the center of the largest wind swept set of plains. Here they will come to bow and kneel at the foot of his statue. They will also offer up a gift to the caretakers of the city and the statue.


All of their myths have to do with wars, raids and heroes. Every clan has their own set of tales and some are shared by a few clans but most will have changed over the long years to reflect how that clan has developed and grown.


They have a very harsh society. The weak, old and diseased are usually put out of their misery. This ideology and way of life is a hold over from when they were nomads following their herds across the wide plains. They also still retain their warrior way of live. Raids are a way of life. Males can not get married unless they have proven themselves as warriors.

Each clan has one city and it controls a large stretch of plains around it. This allows them to spend some time out on the plains, herding their livestock and conducting raids.


Even with all the advances that they have made, the Lamemda still remain warrior nomads at heart. It is vitally important for every male to be able to ride and fight.


The Nameing

After he has managed to perform his first raid successfully a young man will be brought before the Kagan of the clan by his family. He will then be presented, his deeds proclaimed and his boyhood name will be replaced by his adult warrior one. From that day forward he is considered a man.

The Raid

Almost 90% of all combat is conducted dureing raids. Most of these raids are conducted so as to allow the warriors to practice their war skills. In the past they were conducted in order to steal livestock. While some livestock may still be stolen now days it is no longer the driveing force behind the raids.


No space travel yet but close to it. Excellent weapons and power systems. One of the most important changes has been the development of a mechanical mount. It flys through the air on a cushion of air about 1 yard off the ground. Made for one, it has a seat and body that is shaped much like one of their traditional living mounts. The neck like projection at the front ends in a control panel that displays all the operational data. In battle it can be controled by voice and knee pressure.

It's incredible speed and manoverability was felt to be nessasary as a counter to the increased accuracy and deadly potential of newer, more technologicaly superior weapons. Supriseingly enough most of these weapons are seldom used in raids or wars. The warriors prefer the more traditional weapons or those few newer ones that still retain the feel and need for continual practice as they depend on the warrior for their accuracy and skill.


All adult males can and will fight to protect their families, clan and herds. They are usually organized into groups of 25.

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