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USS Gorkon
Position Proprietor of Songbird
Rank Civilian
Species Apakan
Gender Female
DOB 236403.11
Age 36
Birthplace Keekaw, Tsun

Keska is an Apakan and currently the proprietor of Songbird aboard the USS Gorkon.

Appearance and Personality

  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • Feathers: Red/Orange
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Build: Light

Although Apakans generally have an unparalleled arrogance about them, Keska has learned to be discreet with it, though sometimes failing like a led balloon. While her species is known for being one of the most truthful (due to their Intuitive Polygraphy sense), she will often orchestrate and manipulate situations so that she does not have to outright lie, while still being able to deceive. As such, nothing Keska says can be taken at face value.

Not without her own moral compass, Keska cares deeply for those who show her no-strings kindness, and will often go out of her way to protect them, even if her methods aren't always appreciated. Making her way alone in the galaxy has taught her much about social interaction between other species and she has adopted a theatrical personality often perceived as bubbly, spirited, and generous.


Keska is very much a closed book when it comes to her past, though it is generally known she cannot return to her homeworld of Tsun or its colonies. Before setting up the lounge bar Songbird on the USS Gorkon, she had a retail shop on the Iana Station in the Tyrellian System and abandoned it owing a huge debt to the landlord, which she lumped with one of her many spouses.



Kyso Nohx

Keska first met Nohx aboard the Gorkon where he showed an intrigue in her Intuitive Polygraphy sense. Because of his counselling position, and his previous career as a detective on Bolarus IX, he became fascinated with her mysterious past life; intent on figuring out exactly why she cannot return home. Though aggravated at first, Keska has come to enjoy spinning tales that may or may not be true and generally playing with the Bolian's curiosity.

Noteable Sims

The Tsun, The Myoone and the Truth – Keska leaves her old life of deception, cheating, and fraud behind to create a new life of deception, cheating, and fraud aboard the USS Gorkon.
To The Left, To The Left - The Songbird lounge bar is being outfitted on the Gorkon, as Keska settles into her new life.

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