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Crew of the USS Gorkon


Ensign Joshua Sutton

Ensign Joshua Sutton was recently assigned as a Security & Tactical officer aboard the USS Gorkon. This is he first tour of duty with Starfleet, although he did serve 6 years in the Federation Marine Corps.


  • Height: 1.88m (6' 2")
  • Weight: 91.5kg (202 lbs)
  • Build: Athletic
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Green
  • Scars/Marks/Tattoes: Slight scar on front of left leg from thigh to shin.
  • Voice: Slight southern accent
  • Carriage: Authoritative and purposeful
  • Off-duty Attire: Black fatigues & t-shirt


Josh is the embodiment of a soldier. He is very professional and usually straight to the point. He prefers to have a task to complete so that he can focus on that task. In the absence of that task, he will either create one for himself, or spend that time of the firing range, working out or otherwise trying to improve himself for the next task.
Josh has a stanch belief in what is good and right. He will take an ardent stand for what he believes regardless of the consequences, which means he could have issues with orders that are blatantly wrong in his mind.


Antique weapons
Owns a genuine Colt 1911 pistol, supposedly handed down from father to son for generations. His father did not want it, so his grandfather gave it to Josh when he left for boot camp.
Has practiced Mok'bara since he was 9 as a means of dealing with his Klingon temper. His studies have grown to include Jujitsu and Akido.


Social gatherings
Josh has never been one to enjoy a lot of social interaction. He is very much an introvert.


Josh is the only child of his Terran father and half Klingon mother. He has an older half sister from his father and his first wife. He does not know a whole lot about her except that she died several years before he was born. His father would not speak of her. His father tended to favor his half sister in most things, leaving Josh to find comfort with his mother.

The only Klingon thing he inherited from his mother was a temper. To get that under control, his mother got him involved in Mok'bara - Klingon martials arts, which he continues to practice almost religiously to this day. The discipline and physical training gave him an outlet for his temper.

Attracted to the strict disciplines and further physical training of the Marine Corp, Josh joined at age 18 and served for 6 years. During his time in the Corps, he served on several missions aboard various Starfleet vessels. He quickly became fascinated with life aboard ship and with the possibility of being more than just a soldier. His second application to Starfleet was accepted. Josh suspected his lieutenant’s letter of recommendation helped quite a bit.

He was at the academy for a total of 5 years, double majoring in tactical as well ops. He also minored in security, not wanting to completely separate himself from the physical aspects of the Corps that he not only enjoyed but was very good at.



Father: Dr. Benjamin Sutton
Professor of AI Theory at MIT

Mother: T'eyani Sutton
Transporter design engineer

Sister: Judy Wynn
Holoprogramming Engineer with the Starfleet Corps of Engineers

Service History

Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
DS9style-cadet1 gold.png Cadet, Fourth Class 239309.01
Starfleet Academy
Tactical Major
HCO Major
Security Minor
DS9style-cadet2 gold.png Cadet, Third Class 239409.01
DS9style-cadet3 gold.png Cadet, Second Class 239509.01
DS9style-cadet4 gold.png Cadet, First Class 239609.01
Starbase 118
USS Centris-A
DS9style-ens gold.png
Ensign 239705.11
USS Gorkon
Tac/Sec Officer


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