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  • Timeline
    • 2375 The Colony of Gurab II is established as a civilian outpost and the start of meaningful Romulan interests in the Avalon Sector.
    • 2380 A secret Tal-Shiar weapons facility is built on Gurab II, not far from the settlement.
    • 2391 Acting on orders supplied by Starfleet (later discovered to be a rogue faction) Captain Tyr Waltas and his crew are tasked with destroying Gurab II and their weapons research facility. Mutiny ensues over these orders.

A Romulan world that housed a weapons research facility, Gurab II was the site of a high profile incident in 2389 when the USS Discovery-C was allegedly tasked with destroying the facility and the surrounding colony. A mutiny ensued over Starfleet orders, led by Commander Raj Blueheart and Hsina Amman. Eventually it was discovered that advanced weaponry did in fact exist on Gurab II, but a more surgical solution was devised by Lieutenant Commander John Valdivia, preventing a loss of Romulan lives. This incident, never the less, caused a scandal in the Federation and the populace remains divided on the issue years later. Over the next few months, Starfleet began to withdraw from the region entirely. The incident at Gurab in addition with the incident involving the Daris II virus, were the primary causes of the resignation of Captain Tyr Waltas and the decommissioning of the Discovery-C in early 2391.

By 2392, an inquiry had been commissioned and some recriminations issued internally to Starfleet Command from the Federation Council. While Gurab II was a Tal-Shiar facility, even the Romulan Republic, which was holding on to it as it was near the Saurian Empire-RR battle line, was still icy over it. However, a reconciliation in mid 2392 cleared the issue up, and at least from what SFI can gather - the RR sector commander was satisfied with the evidence provided of Tal-Shiar misdoing.