Bila (system)

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Bila (system)
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Last Updated: 239209.03

The Bila system is a relatively older system, the once yellow-white star now turning orange as it ages. While it has several planets, it is not a particularly resource rich system. With the nearby Saurian Empire, this species has not done much warp exploration, and lays in a very neutral region of space. The system itself holds no strategic value, and aside from a Federation survey in 2369, has very low priorities - even more so with the pull out of the USS Discovery-C until the USS Doyle-A was reassigned to the sector.

In 2392, the Bila system was again of importance when it experienced a massive rash of disasters. While it seemed that events would force the system to become uninhabitable, the crew of the USS Doyle-A were able to detect the plot (to artificially create many different volcanic and tectonic events, to force an evacuation) and helped stop it.