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Omicron Herculis

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Omicron Herculis
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Last Updated: 239706.01

Quarantine Alert

By order of Starfleet Medical and Starfleet Command on SD 239211.10

Avoid All Contact with the Omicron Herulis system

Authorized Personnel Only


The Omicron Herculis system is located in grid 14-O-6. The grid itself is well within the nebular waves of the Briar Patch, meaning that warp travel is often difficult.

The Omicron Herculis is a single-star system, with a bright blue-white 1.4 solar mass primary, 4.6 solar luminosites. The system contains 12 habitable planets, including a large gas giant orbiting just barely within the formation line.

The outer system includes three large gas giants with spectacular ring systems. The fifth planet out, orbiting at roughly 2.1 AU is a tropical planet, with 80% covered in water, and the other 20% in lush rainforests. In 2387, a colony was formed, with the aid of a discovered underground cave system on the sole 'continent'. Since then growth has been slow, part due to the isolation of the colony from the Federation, and part of out a desire to keep as much as the planet as unspoiled as possible. However, one thing that the initial surveys did not warn them about was a truly prolonged and vicious storm season.

In 2392, the crew of the USS Doyle-A found that the colony had been destroyed by what looked to be a biological agent of some kind. (For more information, please look at the case file here). After the investigation revealed that a bio agent had been dispatched that was capable of dissolving almost all organic life, Starfleet Command issued a quarantine order, and plans were drawn up to solve the issue. Current projections say that the biosphere might be healed as early as 2412, and possibly colonizable again in 2456.

Known Hazards: Due to the nebular waves of the Briar Patch, there is a well known warp shear effect on entering the system. Warp speeds over WF 2 are not recommended, and after WF4.5 become impossible. Slipstream is unaffected.