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    • 2319 The planet Milidon IV is discovered.
    • 2319 Like many tribal or otherwise marginalized ethnic groups on Earth, the Amazighen (Berber) tribes of North Africa begin a discussion of the settlement of a planetary colony to function as a new homeland.
    • 2320 A scouting party lays claim to Milidon IV and a small base is established in what is now the city of Ennador.
    • 2321 Entire tribes and settlements uproot themselves to colonize this new homeworld. The first colonists from Algeria and Libya land on Milidon IV, renaming it New Numidia (in Federation Standard).
    • 2330 Colony population swells to 500,000.
    • 2335 After successive waves of colonists, the New Numidia Council is formed as a loose Confederation designed to deal only with external affairs, defense and to mediate disputes between tribes. Different and varied power structures from democratic municipal councils to tribal chiefdoms still hold control over individual areas.
    • 2350 Population reaches 4 million, in part due to high birthrates, but also due to exodus levels of immigrants from Earth.
    • 2354 A Vulcan spiritual sect arrives on the planet, wishing to walk with the Tuaregs in the deep desert. They are granted visas and eventually they number 50,000.
    • 2363 Population reaches 5.5 million after a large influx of Tuareg nomads.
    • 2364 New Numidia blatantly refuses Federation membership and any Federation developmental aid or Starfleet assistance.
    • 2375 After the Ba'ku incident and the Battle of the Briar Patch, New Numidia is once again offered Federation membership, it once again declines.
    • 2379 New Numidia (with Klingon help) sets up a new defense grid and buys several patrol cruisers, with several dozen fighters.
    • 2383 New Numidia agrees to provide resources and labor to build Deep Space 285.
    • 2387 New Numidia once again declines Federation membership.
    • 2390 Population reaches 7.9 million as colonization waves enter a lull and birthrates stabilize, though remain quite high.

A Human colony on the edge of the Avalon Sector, not far from the Federation border, New Numidia is the homeworld of 8 million Humans from the Berber cultural-linguist group from North Africa on Earth. Established in the 2320s, the colony was one of the earliest Federation ventures into the region, despite the colony not being a member of the Federation. The colony has not suffered the wax and wane of Starlfeet/Federation interests in the region and is as thriving as it ever has been.