Gorin Aquatic Components Corporation

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Gorin Aquatics Components Corporation, or GACC, is based on Gorin and is affiliated with House Kerraron. When House Kerraron realized it needed to develop all manner of water craft to continue to inhabit Gorin, it put the word out in an effort to attract a company to its world to aid them in their pursuit. WIth an attractive package of low interest loans, stipends, and other bonuses, and enterprising engineering team left Ard'is Fleet Systems to settle on Gorin and create a company. Today, few employees at Ard'is Fleet Systems even remember GACC's roots.

GACC developed an impressive line of water craft to serve House Kerraron's needs. These include waveskimmers, skiffs, boats, and undersea submersibles. None of these designs include weapons mountings, but it is not difficult to convert them. In recent years, GACC instituted an entire line of waterborne pleasure craft, and almost has a monopoly selling these popular designs to the vacation world of Yrocyn. GACC also has a complete line of aquatic parts for all their vessels, and is developing other items used in underwater endeavors. These include breathing apparatus, air and water purifiers, aquaculture equipment, and fishing equipment.

GACC largely escaped unscathed during Kerraron's fall from grace. As the planet struggles to climb back to respectability, GACC makes great strides with its current clientele. But GACC knows it depends on House Kerraron for its livelihood, so using funds procured from sales to Yrocyn, it has begun to develop weapons. This research and production is conducted in huge underwater complexes on the bottom of Gorin's oceans. So far, it has managed to keep these facilities secret, but if the Empire discovers these factories, its retribution will likely be swift.