Garuda Main Security

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The Main Security and Tactical office of the USS Garuda is located on Deck 4.


Chief of Security's Office

The Chief of Security's office contains a large desk and workstation along with space for one-on-one conferences. The rear wall contains a large wall-mounted tactical display detailing the working status of the ship's defensive and security systems. In an emergency, the readout can be configured to display deck by deck information compiled from security reports.

Assistant Chief of Security's Office

Security Briefing Room

A large conference room intended for department-wide security briefings.


Main storage area for advanced weaponry and demolitions.

Phaser Range

A small chamber adjacent to the armory where crew members are able to practice phaser skills. Targets are created using a basic holographic system.


Though secondary to the main brig in the ship's engineering section, a smaller brig is attached to main security.