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A template to add in the details required for a comprehensive Mission History record. Add {{subst:MissionHistory}} to the required page and save.


IMPORTANT! Your ship's episode name MUST be named in the following format:

{{LCARS-bar-nolink|2396, Episode 13|180|COLOR=#339933}}

Add your ship's navigation template here:

{{Tyrellian Mission History}}

Mission Title

  • Stardate Mission Start to Mission End


  • Location Name/Link: Summary of the location.

Example: **Kamarov Corridor: A safe passage route through the region, however, still with limitations caused by anomalies. Extreme caution is advised.

Plot Elements

  • Plot Element/Link: Plot Element Summary.

Example: * Retrieving Intelligence: With the Orion Syndicate base on the asteroid, a team infiltrates to retrieve what they can from the computer core.

Notable Characters

  • Character Name/Link: Character Summary.

Example: * Theeda: An Orion female criminal, up and coming in the seedy network of the asteroid.

Mission Summary

Include a brief summary of the mission act at the top, then progress

  • Away Team One Location
    • Team:
  • Away Team Two Location
    • Team:
  • Away Team Three Location
    • Team:
  • Away Team Four Location
    • Team:

Expand on the mission here, including details and internal links to players/characters mentioned.

Notable SIMs

  • [Hyperlink TITLE]Written by RANK & Character.

Example: * Wolves in the Night - Written by Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds.

Mission Reports

  • Stardate 2396XX.XX: [Hyperlink TITLE]

Example: * Stardate 239610.20: Fallen Comrades Remembered As Crew Of Skarbek Go To Ground

REV SD 239702.14

Replace categories with ship specific:

[[Category:USS Gorkon]]
[[Category:Gorkon Mission Archive|]]