Dead Space (Constitution)

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The USS Constitution finished her duties assigned to Starbase 118 and returned to an assignment of Deep Space Exploration. Passing through the anomaly near Starbase 118, the crew of the Constitution were given shore leave to spend camping on a newly discovered unhabited world nicknamed "The campsite planet." The planet was very refreshing and offered lots of entertainment for the crew. On the last night of our stay, a few officers were going mountain climbing. While doing this, they inadvertently discovered a Borg drone dating back several decades.

Shore leave was cancelled and the crew began combing the area. More drones where discovered along with a computer of some sorts. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that an area of space, not far from our location held a StarFleet vessel. This vessel appears to be the USS Defiant NCC 1764. The Constitution class starship that was lost in Tholian space.

There were also different signatures there as well, including Borg, Tholian and others. The Constitution proceeded to the coordinates to investigate. Hoping to discover all that we can. During a meeting with the senior staff, one of the away team members fell faint. Lt.Cmdr. Rocar believed it had something to do with the creatures on the surface. An away team was sent down to to collect a specimen and come back with it.

The away team was successful in capturing one of the alien creatures. We now have it on board and are heading to the so called dead space. I believe that this mission is taking a direction all of its own. I need to find out what happened to the Defiant and the other vessels in that area. Hopefully our guest will provide the details that we need.

We have rescued a survivor from a Borg attack, her name is Anquest. She was the captain of what appears to be a seed vessel. This ship was carrying what was left of her species. Her home was attacked and destroyed by the Borg. Now she is the only surviving member of her species.

Upon meeting with her, the crew were sympathetic to her cause and agreed to do all they could to assist her in her search for avengers in an area she identified as Deadspace. An unusual anomaly we set course to discover the answers.

Within moments of entering the area of Dead Space the USS Constitution found itself trapped with a multitude of other vessels including a Borg Cube. The cube lost no time in attacking the USS Constitution. Sacrificing the Saucer section to dispower the enemy vessel, the CONSTITUTION enaged to survive but badly damaged and reduced to minimum operating capacity. LtCmdr Rocar then led an away team to the recently discovered USS DEFIANT 1764 (Constitution class... another trapped vessel in Dead space) in an attempt to find an alternative power source for their ship which would allow it to break free of it entrapment in dead space.

Whilst onboard the USS DEFIANT 1764; Rocar team inadvertently triggered a temporal time loop by positioning a shuttle, the starship, a tractor beam and an energy transfer at the same points in subspace at three different points in time. The result was that the DEFIANT 1764 once again began to drift and Rocar, was lost in time with Ensign Dar. Luckilly, both he and the team mates on the shuttle calculated what had happened and soon repositioned everything to join up the energy transfer and complete the time loop.

Given a second chance, the team gather the energy manually whilst fighting off an encounter with the Borg. Rocar was forced to shoot a young Ensign who had been assimilated and although he knew it was the only humane and command solution at the time, the Ktarian still harbours great regrets. It was then that he discovered a chip in the back of the Borg drones' necks 'similar to the corbarian punishment chip he'd had attatched to his nervous system. Ripping out the borg's spine along with the chip he returned the finds to his lab on the CONSTITUTION for further examination in the hope of solving his problem 'breaking free of his punishment.

Returning to the CONSTITUTION by shuttlecraft; Rocar finds the Captain missing 'on a mission to the nearby Borg cube, then as the Borg cube exploded a shockwave hits the CONSTIUTION (further damaging the vessel which was scarred by entering the deadspace and lost it's saucer section to the encounter with the Borg;) As Rocar was thrown to the deck with Gwen and the rest of the crew, he suddenly proposed to the Betazoid woman against the amazingly bright backdrop of the exploding Borg cube that had triggered of a chain reaction in a set of spatial threads. This massed explosion allowed for an opening in dead space and using the energy they had brought back from the DEFIANT 1764, Rocar ordered the ship out of the deadspace and back to safety.

Captain Hebron and his away team survived but were all ridden to sickbay, so it fell to Rocar to get what was left of the once powerful starship back home. Crossing the sector 118 wormhole anomaly was not easy; the route was far from calm and the ship's beaten stardrive section took a further battering as she was flung out of the wormhole and did a double forward role, plummeting spectacularly into an asteroid field. This was in stark contrast to the CONSTITUTIONS torpedo salute departure from the Starbase earlier that year, and Rocar sat with shame in the command seat as the USS DOMINANCE, TIGER and PHOENIX-C came to their rescue and toed them home.