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Assistant Director
David James Whale
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Federation Security

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This file summarizes David Whale's first tour of duty with Starfleet, which lasted from 226306.01 to 226907.30, excluding his time at Starfleet Academy.

Previous Assignments

During his first tour with Starfleet, Whale only served on one vessel -- the ill-fated USS Ackerman. He began as a security officer and worked his way up to Chief of Security, a position he still held at the time of the Ackerman's disappearance.

USS Ackerman

  • Rank: Ensign - Lieutenant JG
  • Duty Post: Security Officer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Duncan Glennie
  • Stardates: 226306.01 - 226612.07

In his early years aboard the Ackerman, Whale became known as a dependable security officer who could be counted on at all times -- especially during a crisis.

During this period of his career, Whale received two official commendations for bravery.

In late 2266, Whale faced his first major crisis and it was this crisis -- and his actions during said crisis -- that directly led to his promotion to Lieutenant and Chief of Security. The incident in question involved a significant attack on the Ackerman from a rogue Klingon warlord named Kolkorr (also known as Kolkorr the Merciless or Kolkorr of K'Herat) which saw the deaths of one third of the ship's crew.

  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Duty Post: Chief of Security
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Duncan Glennie
  • Stardates: 226612.07 - 226907.30

Assuming command of the security department at the end of 2266, after the death of former chief Lieutenant Commander Haavelaars, Whale continued to have an exemplary service record.

On 226906.05, Captain Duncan Glennie submitted a recommendation to Starfleet Command that Whale be promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Though the recommendation was received, it had not been fully reviewed before it was rendered moot.

In mid-2269, The Ackerman vanished into a spatial anomaly in what would later come to be known as the Ackerman Event.

Command Reviews

Though not spectacular, Whale's command reviews were consistently above average and reflect a dedicated officer, a team player who put the protection of the ship and crew above his own safety.

Assessment: Captain Glennie

In the six years Lieutenant David Whale has been under my command, I have been very impressed with his conduct and his dedication to the security of the Ackerman and her crew. I don't believe I am overstating my point when I say that he is the type of officer who can grow with Starfleet and develop into strong leader for our future -- I see some traits of my old friend Robert April in Mister Whale and I think we can all agree that the Fleet needs more men like April. Please accept this letter as a strong recommendation in favour of promoting David Whale to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. - Captain Duncan Glennie, 226906.05

Disciplinary Log

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