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Sickbay is the main medical center aboard Federation starships. Sickbay is led by the chief medical officer (CMO), a senior staff member, and crewed by various doctors and nurses. It is responsible for the health care and well being of the crew. The area is also tasked with analysis of new life forms a starship may encounter, and developing treatments for unknown diseases or illnesses. Main sickbay is just the center of the Constitutions health care faculties. There are also several medical laboratories, an OB/GYN, nursery, morgue, ICU, Physical therapy rooms, and an Office for The CMO.

Sickbay also has a surgical bio-bed, where major surgeries are performed and critical patients are treated. A large, sophisticated sensor cluster is usually installed directly above this bed. Working in conjunction with a medical tricorder, the sensor suite can give detailed information about a patient's condition. The bed is also designed to use a surgical support frame.