Constitution Officer's Manual/Character Types

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You will encounter different types of characters during your time at UfoP:SB 118. We know it can be a little confusing in the beginning. So here is a quick overview of them:

PC - Player Character

These are the main characters of each writer, the one that you came on board with as Senior Officer. That is the character involved in all the important plots, the one you should focus on. When it is time to be promoted, or awarded with Service Ribbons, that’s the one who will receive it. This character is protected from harm, death etc unless the writer agrees to it. They can only be played by the owner.

NPC - Non Player Character

These are the ‘background extras’. These do not belong to anyone and can be played by anyone. They are not protected at all and may also die.

PNPC - Personal Non Player Character

These are still extras, but belong to the creator. These characters are side characters, have names and often bios and are being developed just as PCs. They also are protected like PCs. They do not receive Service Ribbons, they may be promoted as long as they are not higher in rank as the player’s PC.

MSPNPC - Mission Specific PNPCs

These are PNPCs made specifically for a mission. They are used by certain assigned writers, often Staff but many times also volunteers. These characters are only played by their creator and are protected as well. - Sometimes they might even return for another mission. ;)

Secondary Character

This kind of character is not on the same ship as your main character. A secondary is a character you play on another ship. There are certain rules to be followed to be eligible for this, check it out in our FAQ.