Constitution Officer's Manual/Character FAQ

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Questions that may come up when you want to make a PNPC:

I want to create a PNPC, what do I do?

First, we recommend creating a PNPC after you get settled in with your main character. That can vary for everyone but usually, we wait until you are Lt.JG. There are exceptions and are decided case-to-case basis. When you have an idea, write up a short bio for them and send it to your mentor or the Commanding Officer to look over. They will work with you on any possible kinks and ideas to make sure you’ll have a great experience. Once you for the OK from then you are free to jump into the action.

Can family members serve on the same ship?

Yes, of course. The Conny is designed to be a family-friendly ship, so go ahead.

Does my PNPC have to be linked to my PC?

Not at all. They don’t have to be linked to anyone or anything on the ship. They can be different species, gender, department, rank, background, etc. You can link them, but it’s not a must. They don’t even have to like your character. It’s your decision as to what you want to write.

Can my PNPC be a restricted Species?

Yes. They are restricted for Player Characters, but PNPCs are fine. Please talk with your mentor, or the Commanding Officer before creation though, to make sure that everything is okay. Note: Forbidden Species are not permissible for any character (other than MSNPC if the mission requires it)

What Departments can my character be in?

Any department is okay. We do recommend though to choose one that is not already flooded with PNPCs. If you still would like to write in one of those though, that is perfectly fine. You should have fun after all.

Can my PNPC be a Civilian?

Absolutely. If you are not sure if that kind of role has a room on the Conny, talk with your mentor or a staff member to make sure.

What rank can my PNPC have?

Your PNPC can have any rank that is up to your PC level. They can be Civilian without rank, Cadet, Enlisted or Officer as long as it isn’t higher than your rank.

Can my PNPC be from Section 31?

No, SB 118 does not recognize its existence.

I want to write for an MSNPC, how do I do that?

You let the staff know. We can keep that in mind for a future mission when we are on the look-out. We also often announce the need for volunteers before a mission on the OOC list, so keep your eyes open!

Can I change characters?

Short answer: Yes. If you realize that you are not having as much with the character, or are stumped or just want a change, you can do that. You can either make a fully new character or switch your PNPC and PC around. Talk with your mentor or staff member if you have questions about that and how to do about it.

When I change characters what happens with my rank?

Your rank is bound to you as the player, not the character. For example, you made it to Lieutenant, and you change to a PNPC that you started as Crewman. You as the player are still Lieutenant and your new character can develop through the story in a way that they rise up in the ranks, gain their officer's commission and such until they catch up with you - or stay Crewman, your decision. If you prefer to keep your rank, either choose a PNPC that had the rank already or make a new character. Either way that rank is not taken away from you and if you continue to write well and work hard you as the player may continue to rise in rank OOCly even if your character is a lower rank.

I am considering a Secondary on another ship. What do I have to look out for?

A Secondary is like your main character but on another ship. You need to be at least a Full Lieutenant to be eligible. You will have to write full-time numbers (3 sims a week, 12 a month) on each of both ships. That may sound okay number wise, but remember that you also have to read all sims of both ships and missions can become really hectic. You need to be able to keep up with both ships reading and writing and keep the stories straight. That is not for everyone, but some are able to do it. If you are absolutely sure you can keep it up regularly and your CO agrees to it, you can have a look around if the other ship in question is willing and able to take your character in. So have a talk with your CO.