Constitution-B Intelligence Suite

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An Intelligence Suite located on Deck 27 is the home of Intelligence Task Force Omega-Two-Eight. This area is an intelligence sensitive data vault designed to serve the operational needs of the unit. Permission is required to enter the Intelligence Suite. Access for Intelligence personnel is granted by verification of a proper security access code, retinal scan and voice recognition. When not occupied the Intelligence Suite is locked to prevent unauthorized entry.

Members of the Intelligence Unit are trained and skilled in a wide variety of combat, intelligence gathering, mission operations and other necessary skills. It is not uncommon to find them cross trained in other starship operational areas. Due to the highly classified nature of the work Intelligence personnel are tasked with, it is necessary to have a designated secure facility they can use as a home base.

Offices & CIC Section

  • Chief Intelligence Officer's Office
    • Current Occupant: Vacant

The Chief Intelligence Officer's office is located on Deck 27 adjacent to the Intelligence Suite. It can be accessed either via a door from the corridor, or from the Intel CIC.

  • Intelligence Command Information Center

The Intel C.I.C. serves as the nerve center for the Intelligence department on board the Constitution, and makes up the bulk of the Intelligence Suite. It can be accessed via a door to the corridor, or from the Chief Intelligence Officer's office. The CIC has a few supplemental offices for officers to get their work done in.

  • Intelligence Briefing Room

The Intelligence briefing room allows the officers of the Intelligence department to meet and discuss recently acquired intelligence information. It is accessed from within the C.I.C.

  • Intelligence S.C.I.F.

The Constitution's Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility contains a console linked directly to SFI's BLACKNET system. It can also be used to discuss sensitive information that cant otherwise be discussed elsewhere. Like the briefing room, it is accessed from within the C.I.C.