Byron DeWitt

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Byron DeWitt
Position Civilian
Rank Civilian
Species Centauran
Gender Male
DOB 236902.19
Age 32
Birthplace Tarola'n, Velestus
Writer ID A239410TR0

Byron DeWitt is an independent travelling merchant, smuggler, profiteer and Captain/Owner of the SS Pyrrha a Medium sized Centauran freighter that operates out of Deep Space 33 in the Alpha Isles.


  • Height: 5'11" (162 cm)
  • Weight: 174 lbs (79 kg)
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Build: Athletic musculature, broad shoulders and build


Byron, Lounging about in his cabin

Byron DeWitt was born on Velestus, to a loving, wealthy family. He wanted for naught and wanted everything. Or so he's quick to say. In truth he keeps his upbringing close to the vest and is always quick to offer up some well thought out, exaggeration of his life at the drop of a hat should the need arise. The roguish good looks and demeanor can be attributed to his charming personality. There isn't an item he can't procure, a job he can't complete and a woman he can't woo. And he's got no issue telling as much to anyone who inquires.

His pride and joy and the thing he values most in this life, aside from his life is the Centauran Medium Freighter, Pyrrha. Comparable in size to a Nova class starship the Pyrrha the majority of the shipl which has been heavily modified by DeWitt in the two years since he'd acquired her. Aside from having heavier armaments, shielding, and plating than a freighter of its class comes with stock, it also has several concealed and shielded compartments for hauling illicit goods across territorial borders. DeWitt always likes to have a few surprises up his sleeve in case he needs it. He has a small crew of thirty seven that he pays quite well to keep his ship running smoothly during trade runs. They're all just as ambiguous in their ethics and morals as he is, at least in as far as the willingness to purvey in all manner of goods. The more profitable the better. Though he makes it a point not to employ Ferengi.


  • Type: Freighter/Transport
  • Production Base:
    • Binarus Production Facility, Velestian Shipyards, Tharon
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 167 meters
    • Beam: 90.1 meters
    • Height: 29.8 meters
  • Size Comparison:
File:Centauran Velesa-black.png
  • Mass: 145,000 metric tons
  • Accommodation: 37 crew; Guest suites for 15, 250 Personnel Evacuation limit
  • Power Plant: One 1,500+ Cochrane warp core feeding three nacelles (one dorsal); Three impulse systems
  • Performance: Warp 9.732 for 15 hours (Cruising speed Warp 8.75)
  • Armament: Eight type-13 phaser emitters; two quantum torpedo launchers (1 fore, 1 aft); Two Disruptor Arrays
  • Other: Three Tractor beam emitters; concealed/Shielded smuggling compartments/pods; transporters; Romulan cloaking device
  • Cargo Capacity: 212,000 metric tons; Detachable/Jettison-capable, modular pods;
  • Support craft: 1 Type-9A Cargo Shuttle; 1 Danube-class Runabout

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Jarred Thoran 5.png
Commanding Ofc.
Jarred Thoran
First Officer
LtCdr Toryn Raga.png
Mission Specialist
Toryn Raga
Ilana Ganarvuss.png
Act. Chief Sec. Ofc.
Ilana Ganarvuss
Tactical Officer
Varik Tal'Aura
Rosek LtCmdrRedBkgdV2.png
Chief Engineer
Lael Rosek-Skyfire
Engineering Officer
Esa Kiax LCDR.png
Ast. Chief Ops Ofc.
Esa Kiax
USS Atlantis-logo.png
Doc Snow.jpg
Medical Officer
Elizabeth Snow
LtCmmdr Noa Levinson.png
Science Officer
Noa T. Levinson
Science Officer
Thalas th'Koro
Science Officer
Chief of Marines
Amuro McKnight
Kurt Logan
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