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Missions in 2401 under the command of Captain Addison MacKenzie

Alternate History
  • Stardate 240101.26 - Present
    • An old enemy visits the crew of the Artemis and displaces them to an alternate timeline. Stuck on a planet in the throes of the Dominion War, the crew is split up and now have to participate in the twisted games of a Q with an unhealthy obsession with the crew and far too much time on his hands if they ever want to get back home.

Missions in 2400 under the command of Commander Addison MacKenzie

Both Sides Now (Artemis).png
Both Sides Now
  • Stardate 240009.09 - 240012.01
    • An alternate universe version of the Artemis' crew - one of the last bastions of the Interstellar Commonwealth's Military - throw themselves into a last-ditch mission to steal a reality-warping weapon from the alien species known as the Shint, who have all but conquered the known galaxy after thirty years of devastating war.
  • Stardate 240005.26 - 240007.19
    • Wanting a chance to put the Artemis through its paces and give the crew a chance to test their own mettle, Commander MacKenzie split the senior crew into two teams, assigning half to the borrowed USS Berlin for a training exercise in a nearby nebula. Both crews must quickly shift focus when a band of Suliban board the Artemis while their ship attacks the Berlin.
  • Stardate 240002.19 - 240004.17
    • The Artemis was dispatched to the Da'al homeworld to assist with relief efforts following a meteor impact, which left approximately 10,000 Da'al dead and thousands more wounded and/or unhomed.