Shore leave: DS9 (USS Artemis-A)

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Shore Leave Begins

As taken from Ding, Dong, the Wicked CloQ..., written by Addison MacKenzie on SD 240104.04

Her arms, now tightly gripping the arms of the captain’s chair on the Artemis, had braced her forearms for the inevitable impact of the pickaxe on the cave wall. Instead, she now found herself in a familiar, far more safe setting than she had been only seconds ago. She blinked for a moment, adjusting to the sudden shift in setting, including the image of Deep Space Nine on the viewscreen. She turned to see Talos on her right and Genkos on her left. As she surveyed the rest of the bridge, the rest of the senior staff all seemed to be accounted for, though they were all frozen in time.

…except for one interloper.

CloQ gestured to the viewscreen languidly.

CloQ: Captain, welcome back.

MacKenzie: Back? Back where? ::pointing to the viewscreen:: That’s certainly not where I was… What time is it, CloQ?

CloQ: Right time, wrong place. The timeline is all hunky-dory, back to normal. No thanks to your crew - they were so desperate not to murder, not to escape, not to piece together Sisko’s crimes, it was rather embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for you.

MacKenzie: ::flatly:: Sorry to disappoint you again, CloQ.

CloQ: Still, this is the best crew you’ll have for a while - and I love the new ship. ::they ran a finger along the top of a console, as if checking for dust:: Shame what’ll happen to it. ::they grinned:: Keep an eye on the Betazoid, by the way, not everything is what it seems with them.

She cocked her head to the side, alarmed by the implications.

MacKenzie: Why? What’s going to happen to the ship? And what’s wrong with Genkos??

CloQ pressed their combadge that was shaped like a clock face one last time and the ship started to move again in time. The crew all jolted forward as their physical bodies restarted.

CloQ: Well, until next time… Ciao.

Addison opened her mouth to try and delay their departure, but CloQ melted from sight. A voice from her right gave her a small jolt.

Dakora: Good to see you, Captain. ::He gestured to the image of Deep Space Nine on the view screen.:: It seems we might have drifted just a little off-course…

MacKenzie: ::nodding slowly:: It would certainly appear so… ::gesturing:: It appears everyone made it back from whenever they were…

He nodded. The general consensus, judging by the looks on the faces of the rest of the crew, was one of surprise and bewilderment.

Dakora: Orders, M’am?

She stood and moved forward, closer to the stations in the front of the bridge. Taking a breath in through her nose, she put her hands on her hips, then raised them in an expression of her own bewilderment.

MacKenzie: Request permission to dock, I guess.

Shore Leave Scenes

  • Lt.Cdr. Salkath || The newly arrived Lt. Commander takes his time to settle into his new quarters, and ruminate on what to do for shore leave.

  • Ens Chevalier & LtJG Sadar || Ensign Chevalier arrives to update Sickbay's biobeds, and hesitantly enlists medical aid for phantom pains.

  • Cpt MacKenzie || The Captain reflects on a journey of trauma that brought her to where she is today.

  • LT Yellir & LtJG Sadar || A routine physical examination turns tense when a slip of the tongue creates a rift between the two.

  • LT Silveira || Still grieving over the loss of what could have been, he visits her grave to mourn.

  • Lt.Cdr. Salkath || They say absence makes the heart grow fonder... They clearly never met Vulcan families.

  • Lt.Cdr. Dakora || Newer memories erasing old ones may not always be such a bad thing...

Award Ceremony

As taken from Tried and Tested, written by Addison MacKenzie on SD 240105.24

Addison had set up a series of wooden boxes near the bar top. It wasn’t elaborate – not everything could be elaborate – besides, the last time they’d found themselves in a place able to celebrate with a bit more formality, they’d come toe-to-toe with CloQ. …Again. No, this time, it would be a far less involved ordeal. As the crew members started to file in, they started to mingle with one another around several stations with appetizers and drinks that were set up around the room.

She started taking a silent roll count in her head, looking on as they were enjoying each other’s company. When the last of the senior staff made their way inside, she waved everyone over to the bar where the various awards were ready for distribution. They gathered around her in a small semi-circle, and Dakora made his way over to where the boxes were laid out.

MacKenzie: Good evening, everyone. I hope you all had a chance to engage in some R&R while the Artemis underwent some upgrades here at DS9.

After the words left her mouth, she thought about Chevalier and Jovenan’s team, who most certainly hadn’t enjoyed their leave. Oh well – too late to take it back now.

MacKenzie: I want to thank you all for the good work you did as we were once again forced to go head-to-head with arguably the worst member of the Q Continuum. We were all put through traumatic and seemingly impossible situations, but time and time again, this crew has demonstrated persistence and perseverance, and I couldn’t be prouder to be your captain. Your resilience makes you among the finest officers in all of Starfleet.

She raised her hands and started to clap.

MacKenzie: I’m thankful to say that our next mission is going to be far less eventful – we’ve been ordered to report to Earth to participate in the 250th Frontier Day celebrations, where Command will be unveiling its new fleet formation mode. Before we get underway, I want to recognize your efforts during our last mission.

Addison picked up a box and passed it to Dakora.

MacKenzie: For your efforts in combating CloQ and all of his temporal misgivings, I hereby award everyone the Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon.

She watched on as Talos removed the ribbons and started passing them around to all the officers. When the box was empty, she picked up another one, choosing to hold onto it herself this time.

MacKenzie: We all had experiences that weren’t ours to have – I was only a child when the Dominion War happened, and I certainly wasn’t anywhere near Betazed when that battle happened. Some of you weren’t even born. And yet, we found ourselves forced to fight for our survival. One team in particular found themselves at nearly constant confrontation with Dominion forces and, in whatever timeline we were placed, their efforts might have been responsible for changing the tide of the war. Commander Dakora, Ensign Chevalier, and Ensign Savel, I hereby award you the Silver Star.

The officers came forward to receive their ribbons.

Dakora/Chevalier/Savel: Responses

When they returned to their spots, she picked up another box, handing it to Dakora.

MacKenzie: Likewise, another of our team was held in a Betazoid penal colony for crimes against the Dominion. While we weren’t incarcerated long, the experience is one that I hope none of you ever has to experience. Or experience again. I hereby award the Prisoner of War Ribbon to Captain MacKenzie, Commander Salkath, Ensign Savel, and Ensign Gnai.

The trio joined her as Dakora handed out the ribbons to each of them.

Salkath/Savel/Gnai: Response

MacKenzie: Ensign Gnai, if you’ll wait here a moment…

Addison picked up a box and removed the ribbon from it.

MacKenzie: Though you’ve technically already earned this ribbon, as your commanding officer, I get the pleasure of officially presenting you with the Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon. Welcome aboard the Artemis!

Gnai: Response

MacKenzie: Today, I also have the privilege of awarding a Department Chief Ribbon. Mr. Silveira has served with distinction as our Chief of Tactical. When I first met him, he looked older than he does now – again, no thanks to CloQ – but he was also a loose cannon who jumped into situations without thinking. Now, I’m happy to say that you have matured into a fine leader whose opinion and skills I have come to value. On behalf of all of us, congratulations, Lieutenant.

Silveira: Response

All of the boxes on the bar stood empty, except for one.

MacKenzie: Mr. Savel, would you join me, please?

She waited for the Vulcan to stand opposite her.

MacKenzie: Mr. Savel, you have been a member of this crew for over a year now. In that time, I have watched you grow into an officer who balances Vulcan logic with Starfleet ideals, and whose conduct makes him clearly stand out from his fellow officers. As your captain, it is my privilege to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant JG.

She removed the hollow pip from its box, places the box on the bar top, and affixed the pip next to the solid gold one already on the Vulcan’s collar.

MacKenzie: Congratulations, Lieutenant!

Savel: Response

MacKenzie: Alright, everyone – I suggest you mingle and catch up with each other. One DS9 confirms our upgrades are complete, we’re going to set out for Earth.

Participating Officers