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Alivea 1.Face.jpg
Alivea Zachan Daniels
Position Tactical,Technological, And Strategy Consultant/Founder Of P.I.P.A
Rank Civilian
Species El-Aurian
Gender Female
DOB 194501.01
Age 456
Birthplace London, England; Earth

Live as been pretty much nomadic since the almost genocide of the El-Aurian people. She lives on own small personal ship she calls The Vixen.

General Information

  • Nickname: Live (Liv)
  • Orentation: Bisexual; Polyamory
  • Expect In: Cybrnetics, Engineering, Holo-Technology, Security, Self-Defense, and Tactics
  • Languages Spoken: Many
  • Personal Ship: The Jaded Vixen


  • Height: 5ft. 7in.
  • Weight: 140 lbs.
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Eyes: Dark Brown
  • Build: Athletic, Muscular
  • Handed: Ambidextrous


  • Mother: Kontessa Zackan Daniels
  • Father: Nikaus Zackan Daniels
  • Siblings: Many
  • Spouses: No Spouses, Many Lovers
  • Parnter: Meena Harper
  • Offspring: Surrgate Son: Ra'Dar Dregen
  • Uncle: Willon Zackan Daniels
  • Aunt: Mara Zackan Daniels
  • Cousin: Olen Daniels


Unlike her cousin, Live is more interested in engineering and security matters than people. She has learned to use her race unique gifted for listening, and memory to listen to mechanical sounds, or when gathering intelligence on a job she has taken.

Romantically, while she has no problem making friends, or taking temp lovers from any species of the universe. Live will only consider a long-term arrangement with a partner who is El-Aurian, or at least half El-Aurian. Although, she is quite fond of all thing Klingon.


Live was born in 1945 in London, England on Earth. Her parents were part of the El-Aurian scientist studying the human's homeworld. She was always a tomboy and show an interest in engineering, strategy, and self-dense. And was as mile mannered as the rest of her people. Until the Borg destroyed most of her people in an attack on the El-Aurian homeworld. She managed to escape with her cousin Oz, but her parents were assimilated almost in of her eyes. Angry and hurt Live changed into a dark version of herself. Eventually becoming a bounty hunter, and mercenary, which she refers to as "private security".

Other Photos

Alivea's Toys

The Jaded Vixen


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