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Alexander has served on many vessels during his short time in Starfleet. He has resigned his commission once and witnessed the destruction of one of the vessels he has served upon.

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Lt. Commander
Alexander Richards
STO LtCommander Blue.jpg
Science Officer
USS Gemini

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 236111.06
Age: 35
Birth Place: Tycho City, Lunar Colonies

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Current Assignment

USS Gemini
The Celendi Nebula as viewed from Astrometrics
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Duty Post: Chief science officer
  • Commanding Officer: Commander Liam Frost
  • Stardates: 239102.01 -> Present

Following the immense internal damage sustained to Starbase 118 Alexander thought that he would have time to contemplate the events that had transpired. He was wrong. During the promotion ceremony in the Excelsior hotel ballroom he was approached by his yeoman who was carrying transfer orders. Effective immediately, he was reassigned to the USS Gemini, a brand new Dakota class vessel. Leaving his family behind at Tycho city, the Lunar colony. Alexander could only wait to see what adventures, trials and tribulations his new family would face.

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During what was supposed to be the USS Gemini's shakedown cruise, the ship was diverted by Starfleet to the Celendi Nebula to search for the missing USS Hermes. Shortly before arriving at the Nebula, the Gemini came under fire from a rogue Klingon Bird of Prey. Not long after, the USS Hermes decloaked, confirming the worst to the crew of the USS Gemini. With orders given for an away team utilizing the ships Marines with support from Commanders T'mar and Weston, Alexander and his department had to come up with a way to temporarily lower the USS Hermes shields. They decided to fire a Polaron beam from the Deflector which although successful, caused significant damage to the Gemini's internal systems. Alexander spent the rest of the mission on the bridge assisting the Captain. For his actions over the 48 hours the crisis lasted Alexander was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

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The USS Gemini's second mission proved to be no better than it's first, worse in fact. The ship had been sent to Rathos Prime by Starfleet Command to assist the Rathosian people in finding a cure for a pathogen that had brought them to the brink of extinction. The briefing for the mission had been a heated affair with Alexander and Ian West, the mission specialist very nearly coming to blows over what being a member of Starfleet entailed and the best way to approach the problem the ship faced. Eventually both men were in agreement that West's plan was the best course of action, a decision Alexander would later come to regret.

Since regulations prohibited Alexander from going to the surface himself, Lieutenant Junior Grade Vanessa Driscoll volunteered herself to be a part of the away team. At the time, neither Alex nor Vanessa were aware that they would not see each other again. Whilst Vanessa was on the surface, Commander Frost ordered Alexander to work with Doctor Lani Easterwood on the history of the pathogen to see if they could trace its origins. What the pair found shocked both of them to their core. Armed with this information, Alexander went to the bridge where after delivering his report was informed that Vanessa had been infected by the Pathogen. This caused Alexander to begin the early stages of an emotional breakdown culminating in him angrily telling Counselor Riel to get out of his office.

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The next morning after getting some rest, Alexander reread the message he had received from Vanessa trying desperately to hold back the tears. He then proceeded to write his own response to her message knowing that there was little chance of her receiving it. Before he really had a chance to recover a Cadet burst into his office informing him that two new Ensigns were due to arrive. With the CO and FO incredibly busy considering the situation, Alexander set out to meet them and begin their orientation. It was during this orientation that he received orders to pack up the research efforts and have the medical department prepare a report for Starfleet medical. The USS Gemini had done all it could for the Rathosians and they were pulling out. Although they had failed to cure the Pathogen there was hope for the Rathosians in a very dark silver lining, Malo Lupo. This Virus, although not a cure, could vaccinate against the Pathogen preventing extinction if the Rathosians were prepared to put up with the side effects. it dawned on Alexander that although Vanessa's death was senseless, perhaps it hadn't been entirely in vain.

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Previous Assignments

Owing to various circumstances, Alexander Richards has served upon many different vessels during his short career. These assignments run from earliest to most recent.

Starfleet Academy

Alexander majored in Operations opting to take his minor in Engineering.

  • Rank: Cadet
  • Duty Post: Student
  • Commanding Officer: William Rogers (Chief Trainer), Tracey Townson (Deputy Trainer)
  • Stardates: 238309.01 -> 238807.04

A full copy of Alexander's Academy transcript, complete with his certificate is available here

USS Independence A

USS Independence A
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Duty Post: Chief Communications Officer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Sidney Riley
  • Stardates: 238807.04 -> 238811.16

Alexander Richards spent the first four months of his post academy career serving on board the USS Independence A until her destruction in November 2388. He was reassigned with the crew to the USS Tiger A later that month.

The only mission Alexander participated in during his short stay on the ill fated vessel was during the period which ended with Bajor's acceptance into the Federation as a member world. Originally tasked with securing an ancient Bajoran artifact the crew wound up in the mirror universe having followed the thieves. Although their plot was eventually foiled, it came at a great cost, the loss of the vessel. This mission also left Alexander with deep psychological scars.

USS Tiger A

USS Tiger A
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Duty Post: Chief Communications Officer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Sidney Riley
  • Stardates: 238811.16 -> 238901.14

The next two months of Alexander Richards career were spent on board the USS Tiger A or rather, docked at Deep Space 17. The crew had a long shore leave period during this time which featured a team building exercise on the holodeck in Camelot.

The only mission Alexander participated in during his short stay on the Starbase was a drill perpetrated by Starfleet Intelligence. It wasn't until the completion of the mission that the entire thing was revealed as an exercise. Alexander was furious that Starfleet Intelligence had green lit such a scheme which had led him to believe his wife and son were in grave danger. Following the conclusion of the exercise, Alexander stormed into the command deck of the station and promptly resigned his commission.

Starfleet Academy returning officers course (SB 118)

  • Rank: Cadet
  • Duty Post: Student
  • Commanding Officer: Starfleet Academy Commandant, Starbase 118.
  • Stardates: 238309.01 -> 238807.04

With the onset of hostilities between the Klingon and Romulan governments in mid 2389 Alexander immediately re-enrolled in Starfleet and was sent to the returning officers fast track course where he studied a variety of tactical courses. The course lasted for six months culminating in a test scenario on the holodeck.

During this test scenario, Alexander took the role of a science officer. The scenario involved the training ship arriving at a planet that had suffered a major disaster causing a massive polar shift. He was instrumental in saving the away team after a problem was encountered on the surface.

USS Mercury

Deep Space 10
USS Mercury
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Duty Post: Tactical Officer/Acting Chief Science Officer/Chief Science officer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Aron Kells
  • Stardates: 238910.19 -> 239006.17

Alexander Richards spent nearly nine months on board the USS Mercury. The first mission he was involved in saw the crew of the Mercury on a race against time to save some of the senior staff who had been taken hostage during the Klingon skirmish that had erupted that year. During the climax of that mission Alexander opened fire on the Klingons who he was sure were going to kill the rescue party. The skirmish that followed resulted in several casualties and the demotion of Alexander's friend, Eyas Wulfantine to the rank of Lieutenant.

After a long shore leave on Starbase 118, the USS Mercury set out to Deep Space 10 to check on the progress being made by the Starfleet Core of Engineers bringing the ancient abandoned station up to code. When they arrived, they found the station eerily quiet and once again abandoned. Whilst investigating this strange occurrence, Alexander triggered the bases ancient defense systems and was paralyzed from the waist down. The young man was lucky to escape the station with his life.

Soon after the mission to Deep Space 17, the majority of the senior staff were called away on an urgent matter leaving Alexander as the highest ranking member of the senior staff on board and thus, in command. Not long after the senior staff's departure, the USS Mercury received a distress signal and Alexander ordered the undermanned vessel to investigate as per standard Starfleet protocol. The mission, although successful was a complete mess. But for the skilled actions of the ships new Caitian pilot the USS Mercury would have been lost with all hands. Alexander saw the mission as a learning experience but found himself in no hurry to command a star ship of his own.

Alexander's final mission on the USS Mercury involved the ship investigating an ancient library. Owing to the adverse conditions created by the planetary systems star and having been temporarily made the ships acting chief engineer, Alexander found himself modifying the ship and her systems to be able to withstand the phenomenon they might encounter. Towards the end of the mission, Alexander was ordered to lead an away team to rescue a ship that had been caught by a defensive weapon protecting the library. The away mission was nearly a catastrophe with Alexander's arrogance getting in the way of operating procedures. Thankfully for his sake, the surviving crew were rescued although the ship was lost.

USS Drake

USS Drake
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Duty Post: Science Officer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain William Rogers
  • Stardates: 239006.17 -> 239010.08

Soon after the incident on board the USS Mercury, Alexander put in a transfer request to command and was promptly transferred to the USS Drake. He never got the opportunity to serve on the vessel as his one and only mission assigned to the Drake was an infiltration mission to prevent a terrorist act against the Federation which didn't require her.

Before the mission Alexander was asked to join the Defense counsel of Captain Rogers during an investigation by Temporal investigations. Alexander along with Lieutenant Junior Grade Kendall Washburn managed to clear the Captain of all charges. Soon after the hearing, the command staff were approached by FedSec who required the 'talents' of the USS Drake crew.

The crew of the USS Drake acquired the services of two civilian vessels and proceeded with their black ops missions. The crew with the help of a band of Orion pirates managed to thwart the plans of Atherton Tomic but, at a great cost. A member of the Drakes crew lost their life in a heroic sacrifice to prevent Tomic's weapon from destroying the refinery. In the mean time, Alexander helped to prevent a dilithium store on the refinery from destroying the entire complex. Upon the crews return to Starbase 118 they were notified of the USS Drakes retirement for use as a training vessel at Starfleet Academy, San Francisco.

Starbase 118 Operations Division

  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Duty Post: Acting Chief science officer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain William Rogers
  • Stardates: 239010.09 -> 239102.01

Soon after taking over control of Starbase 118 operations from her former staff, the crew found themselves under attack by four mysterious creatures which the senior staff deemed elementals. Alexander found himself in Strategic operations hoping to help prevent any further disasters from occurring on the station although both he and his crew mates knew they were in a race against time.

With the help of Ensign Ireya Ilwary and Chief Abraxas, Alexander was able to track the four elementals as they moved through the station. Eventually the team were able to formulate a plan to move the creatures to one of the dry dock facilities by using specifically calibrated security force fields.

After completing their tasks, the group could only watch as the final battle between the elementals took place. After the battle, Alexander was relieved along with Ireya by Gamma shift and went to look for his family. Reunited with them his thoughts turned to his up coming annual physical and psychological evaluations and what their outcome might decide for his future as a Starfleet officer.

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