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Lt. Commander
Alexander Richards
STO LtCommander Blue.jpg
Science Officer
USS Gemini

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 236111.06
Age: 36
Birth Place: Tycho City, Lunar Colonies

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Lieutenant Commander Alexander Richards is a Human and is currently serving aboard the USS Gemini as a Science Officer

Stats at a Glance:

  • Height : 188 cm (6' 2")
  • Weight : 95 kg (209.44 lb)
  • Hair Color : Brown
  • Eye Color : Blue
  • Birthmarks, Scars: Scar tissue from a disruptor burn on his right knee. Small circular birthmark on the small of his back.
  • Build: Stocky. Alexander has defined muscle tone providing above average physical strength.
  • Face: Alexander Richards has a long and pronounced nose with medium sized nostrils. His ears sit snug against his head.
  • Eyes: His eyes are of average size for a human his height and weight and sit roughly two thirds of the way up his face.. He has thin eyebrows.
  • Mouth: His mouth is well proportioned to the rest of his face. His facial hair is trimmed to stubble.
  • Arms: Alexander Richards' arms run the length of his chest with his hands lying next to his thighs. His muscles are considered well defined as a result of both his former rock climbing hobby and his current disability status.
  • Legs: Alexander Richards had incredibly well defined leg muscles as a result of his rock climbing past-time. Since the accident that left him confined to a wheel chair they have begun to waste away a little. They are kept toned via the use of special equipment and exercises performed by his wife.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Smart casual. Alexander Richards can normally be seen wearing the grey, non uniform variant of the current Starfleet designs.
  • Shoes: Black 'winkle pickers' (Uniform and casual wear). Standard issue hiking boots (Away missions, rock climbing.)
  • Voice: Alexander Richards has a broad British accent that he acquired whilst studying at Oxford University.
  • Handedness: Alexander Richards is right handed.
A typical Rock climbing scenario used by Alexander Richards
Alexander Richards book of Shakespeare's collective works in Klingon opened to a page depicting the bard as a Klingon
Pebbles, the Richards family Rag doll cat circa 2370
Nova and Nebula, the Richards family's new Rag doll cats circa December 2389
a holographic representation of Alexander Richards in uniform.
  • Quarters:
Spartan. Specially adapted due to his disability
For more detailed information about Alexander Richards' quarters click: here
  • Favorite Room:
Holodeck. Alexander Richards loves holodecks. He sees them as a brilliant multipurpose tool capable of providing both recreation and training. His favorite programs include twentieth century murder mystery simulations, rock climbing simulations and the Tycho Three martial arts training program.
  • Habits:
Alexander Richards has a tendency to scratch his right ear when deep in thought. He also suffers from slight O.C.D and gets agitated when he sees things either being done or stored/cataloged inefficiently. He always ensures his shoes are polished before he goes to bed, often double checking the next morning to ensure they are still looking smart.
  • Mannerisms:
With his family, Alexander Richards is a caring man. He is full of love and empathy when around his spouse and son and is known to be romantic at times. However, around fellow crew members he has comes across as brash and arrogant. He would willingly lay his life on the line for another crew mate and is very career orientated. It is believed his arrogant facade stemmed from his stunted social development on the Lunar colony and during his studies on Earth. It may also have been due to feelings of inadequacy. As he has progressed through the ranks, the arrogance seems to have decreased to a point where it could now be considered akin to that of the average human. Starfleet medical postulates this is due to him realizing his own self worth and the knowledge and experience he can bring to his colleagues.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion:
Atheist. Alexander Richards is a man of science and holds no spiritual beliefs. However, he has a deep rooted respect for those who are religious and for the religions of other species/cultures. He finds the Bajoran spiritual beliefs fascinating.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes:
Alexander Richards is an avid fan of rock climbing. He would like to attempt to try the sport again but knows he will have to adapt the programs he used before owing to his current disability. He also enjoys Klingon opera and reading classic works of fiction from many races in their native languages. He has read no less than five Shakespeare plays including Hamlet in Klingon. When not working or reading he can usually be found tinkering with broken equipment or enjoying strolls through the various parks on board Starbase 118 with his family.
  • Likes:
Alexander Richards likes most Earth cuisine, Vulcan spiced tea, Klingon blood wine, Aldebaran whiskey and a nice Cornish cider. (Although this is very hard to come by outside of the Solar System. He has a fondness for cats stemming from fond memories of his family's pet rag doll cat Pebbles. At one point looked after the accidentally abandoned cat of a crew mate on the USS Independence A.
  • Dislikes:
Alexander Richards dislikes dogs with a passion. He also dislikes those who demand respect because of their rank or station. He is a firm believer that respect is earned and not demanded. This has caused friction between himself and superior officers. In some cases his refusal to respect superior officers has seen him branded as insubordinate in some peoples eyes.
  • Ambitions and Goals:
Alexander Richards is a career driven man. His first stint in Starfleet was short lived due to mitigating circumstances but he hopes his second shot will be a lot smoother. Alexander hopes to be only a good role model for his son, John. Alexander is how far up the command chain he would like to rise. He is certain he would like to rise into the command division at some point in his career but is unsure as to whether he wishes to move beyond a first officer position if the opportunity ever arose.
  • Achievements in Life:
Whilst studying the sciences at Oxford University, Alexander Richards had a paper published on applied Warp mechanics past, present and beyond. He was made the acting chief of science at the rank of Ensign on the USS Mercury. His biggest achievement in life so far is becoming a father.
  • Disappointments in Life:
To date, Alexander Richards has had several disappointments in life. His earliest came at the age of nine when he narrowly missed out on selection to the Tycho institute of advanced learning. His best friend at the time, Michael Hollins, did make the grade and the two never spoke to each other again. One of his biggest regrets is that he allowed jealousy to get in the way of what was at the time a strong friendship. At the age of sixteen, he was expelled from the Daystrom Academy of science for causing an accident during an experiment. This very nearly caused him to give up on school and become a civilian freighter crewman. At the age of eighteen, he attempted to run the London marathon. This ended in disaster when he collapsed at the twenty mile mark from heat exhaustion. In 2389, he resigned from Starfleet following an incident with Starfleet intelligence.
  • Mental problems (complexes and phobias):
Alexander Richards has an illogical fear of dogs despite cases of domestic dog attacks being virtually unheard of in the twenty fourth century. He suffers from slight O.C.D which was diagnosed at age eight. Several attempts have been made via counseling and therapy to cure this though none have worked. He has both a strong fear and a strong hatred towards telepaths. This is almost to the extent of being racist. He has never been able to trust a telepath although he can and does work with them. The one exception to his rule at this time are the Vulcans. It has been theorized by Starfleet medical that Alexander's arrogance around his crew mates could have stemmed from irrational and illogical feelings of inadequacy in front of his colleagues. As he has gradually moved up through the ranks, this arrogance has begun to dissipate to a point where it is now very rare to see this side of him It has been noted that this behavior requires further study and counseling. Alexander still suffers from debilitating flashbacks stemming from a telepathic attack he suffered whilst serving on the USS Independence A. Although these are now considered to be under control following counseling and only occur at night, there remains a risk that a relapse could occur.
  • Physical Limitations:
Under normal circumstances Alexander Richards has the standard physical limitations of an above average strength human male. This means that although he can lift slightly heavier loads than normal and sprint for up to 400 meters he is for all intents and purposes normal. As of January 2390 he is confined to a wheelchair following a near fatal incident on Deep Space 10
Family & Friends
For more detailed information about Alexander Richards' family please click here
Alexander's wife, Marissa
  • Marital Status: Married
    • Spouse: Marissa Richards (nee Dawson)
    • Place of Marriage: Central registry office, Oxford, Earth
  • Children: John Richards
  • Pets
    • Cat: Nova, a rag doll kitten.
    • Cat: Nebula, a rag doll kitten.
  • Parents
    • Father: Gary Joseph Richards, Xenobiologist
    • Mother: Harriet Richards (nee Samuels), Astrophysicist
    • Father-in-law: Michael Dawson, Deceased
    • Mother-in-law: Maria Dawson, Civilian Nurse
  • Siblings: Only Child.
Doctor Velana
Vanessa Driscoll


  • Eyas Wulfantine.
  • Roshanara Rahman
    • Alexander served with her on the USS Mercury
    • She was impressed with Alexander's Engineering skills. Once asked him to assume the Chief Engineer role whilst she stayed at DSX
  • Doctor Velana
  • Liam Frost
    • Alexander's CO on the USS Gemini
    • The two quickly became friends over the course of the Gemini's first year in service with both men sharing the same sense of duty and pride in their uniform.
  • Vanessa Driscoll
    • Vanessa was a Science Officer on the USS Gemini right up to her death on the surface of Rathos having contracted Haemoraghia Rathosia.
    • The two grew rather close in their short time together with Alexander admiring her dedication to duty despite all that had happened in her life. Her death affected him deeply changing the course of his life and causing him to reevaluate his goals, ambitions and thoughts regarding fraternization with crew mates.
Personal History
Alexander Richards graduation hat and degree in the sciences from Oxford University.
For more detailed information about Alexander Richards' personal history please click here

For the most part, Alexander Richards personal life has been a roller coaster. He was born to two very loving parents on the Lunar colony, Tycho city. There he spent most of his time learning about the wonders of the Universe from his parents and studying hard.

In his teenage years, he was accepted to the Daystrom Institute school on Earth but was later expelled having caused an accident. A few years later, having picked himself up from the gutter and grown up quite a bit he was accepted to Oxford University where he met his future wife, Marissa.

During his time at Starfleet Academy, his wife fell pregnant and later gave birth to their first (and so far only) child John.

Prior to rejoining Starfleet following his resignation, he lived with his family on Starbase 118 taking a job as a barman.

Alexander has adapted well to his disability for the most part and enjoys most of the freedoms he used to have when he could walk. There are however several tasks that he still can not manage. He hopes to one day be able to return to rock climbing.

Following the death of Lieutenant Vanessa Driscoll Alexander took a sabbatical from Star Fleet to visit Driscoll's brother and return a family portrait to him. During this time he also opted to spend more time with his family on Tycho with his family and pay a few old friends a visit. He had high hopes that this would heal him of the pain he was feeling. What he found, would change his outlook on life and his career forever.
Professional History

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Starfleet Academy
Insignia Rank From To Position
'San Francisco'
STO Cadet4th Yellow.jpg
Cadet 4th 238509.01 238606.27 Cadet
STO Cadet3rd Yellow.jpg
Cadet 3rd 238609.02 238706.29 N/A
One year LOA to transfer to StarBase 118
Starfleet Academy
Insignia Rank From To Position
'Starbase 118'
STO Cadet2nd Yellow.jpg
Cadet 2nd 238609.01 238706.25 Cadet
STO Cadet1st Yellow.jpg
Cadet 1st 238709.02 238807.04 Cadet
USS Independence-A
Insignia Rank From To Position
'Operations Division'
STO Ensign Yellow.jpg
Ensign 238807.04 238811.16 CCO
USS Tiger-A
Insignia Rank From To Position
'Operations Division'
STO Ensign Yellow.jpg
Ensign 238811.16 238901.04 CCO
Resigns from Starfleet 2389101.15 following incident involving Starfleet Intelligence
Starfleet Academy
Insignia Rank From To Position
'Starbase 118 Returning Officers Course'
STO Cadet1st Yellow.jpg
Cadet 1st 238908.17 238910.19 Cadet
USS Mercury
Insignia Rank From To Position
'Tactical Division'
STO Ensign Yellow.jpg
Ensign 239110.19 238912.10 Tactical Officer
'Science Division'
STO Ensign Blue.jpg
Ensign 238912.10 239002.10 Acting CSO
STO Lieutenant-JG Blue.jpg
Lt. JG 238912.10 239002.10 CSO
Reassigned to USS Drake
USS Drake
Insignia Rank From To Position
'Science Division'
STO Lieutenant-JG Blue.jpg
Lt. JG 239006.17 239010.08 Science Officer
Reassigned to Starbase 118 operations with the crew of the USS Drake
Starbase 118
Insignia Rank From To Position
'Science Division'
STO Lieutenant Blue.jpg
Lt. 239010.08 239102.01 Acting CSO
Reassigned to new vessel, USS Gemini by Starfleet Command
USS Gemini
Insignia Rank From To Position
'Science Division'
STO Lieutenant Blue.jpg
Lt. 239102.01 239104.25 CSO
STO LtCommander Blue.jpg
Lt. Cmdr 239104.25 239111.03 CSO
Takes sabbatical following the death of Vanessa Driscoll
STO LtCommander Blue.jpg
Lt. Cmdr 239203.03 239801.16 Science Officer
Awards and Commendations
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Ithassa 2011.jpg
Ithassa Region Campaign Medal 2388
USS Tiger
Awarded by Captain Sidney Riley
Awards ServiceRibbons battleforbajor 2011.jpg
Bajoran Campaign Ribbon 2388
USS Tiger
Awarded by Captain Sidney Riley
Klingon Invasion Ribbon 2389
USS Mercury
Awarded by Captain Aron Kells
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 2389
USS Mercury
Awarded by Captain Aron Kells
Crew Manifest

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Liam Frost
First Officer
Alex Blair
Science Officer
Alana Larson
Science Officer
Alexander Richards
Lan Riel.png
Lan Riel
Medical Officer
Kali Nicholotti
Intel Officer
Oliver Weston
Mission Spec.
Helm Officer
Randal Shayne
Engineering Officer
Chief of Security
Nemitor Atimen
Security Officer
Jonhar Mayne
Tactical Officer
Gina EsAleh
Tactical Officer
Stephanie Moore
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