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Living Room
Lt. Commander
Alexander Richards
STO LtCommander Blue.jpg
Science Officer
USS Gemini

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 236111.06
Age: 38
Birth Place: Tycho City, Lunar Colonies

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As you enter through the door from the corridor you are greeted by a sight that lies in stark contrast to the enlisted crew quarters on the same deck. The living room is rather spacious allowing easy movement for a hover chair in and around the objects in the room. In the center is a six foot fish tank raised off the floor on a plinth containing various tropical fish found in the Earths oceans. Placed around this are potted plants of various types and colors ranging from chrysanthemums to roses with a few wild flowers such as fox gloves thrown in for good measure.

On the far left hand side of the room sits Alexanders desk. The desk contains a flip up LCARS panel complete with miniature view screen for sub space communications as well as an old fashioned calender and a stress relieving Newton's cradle. The desk is just wide and deep enough to allow Alexanders hover chair to nestle in underneath it bringing his arms into a suitable position from which to work. The desks LCARS panel, much like his chairs' has complete access to the science systems which means he can remotely monitor lab experiments from his living room when not on duty.

For the times when Alexander just wishes to grab a light bite to eat or a beverage, a replicator has been installed to the right hand side of his desk. It contains thousands of different recipes for food and drink having been updated to the latest version prior to the Gemini's launch from the Tranquility ship yard.

Richards' fish tank
In stark contrast to the living room, the bedroom is much smaller, spartan if you will. At one end lies Alexander's specially adapted low bed with space next to it to park his chair. There is a bedside table located on the opposite side of the bed which holds an LCARS based alarm clock, a glass holder for water and his prized works of William Shakespeare in the 'original' Klingon.

At the other end of the room is a wardrobe containing Alexander's uniforms, off duty clothes and sleeping garb. Although this may seem a strange placement at first, it is located right next to the entrance to Alexander's wet room. This means that once Alexander has finished his shift he can come back to his quarters and prepare for a sonic shower. It also provides ease of access to clean clothes when he has finished washing.

Located at various points around this room are various cords and buttons Alexander can pull or press should he find himself in trouble. Although he has not yet encountered a situation where he requires help due to an accident, Starfleet deemed it necessary as part of their health and safety preparations. Alexander doesn't like the fact they were installed as a requirement of his service on the USS Gemini but fully understands the reasoning behind it. As with the bedroom, there is a space where Alexander parks his hover chair.
Wet Room
The wet room is where Alexander bathes himself. Although the concept is very similar to the equivalent rooms in the 20th and 21st centuries, it has noted distinctions separating it from them. Most notable of these is the use of a sonic shower instead of the antiquated, water wasting, showers and baths of those time periods.

Next to this space is a device which enables Alexander to exit and enter his wheel chair without assistance from another being and holds him upright. Being held upright makes it much easier for Alexander to wash himself and helps him feel autonomous rather than a burden. As with the bedroom, there are various cords placed around should an accident occur and he need assistance.
Crew Manifest

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Liam Frost
First Officer
Alex Blair
Science Officer
Alana Larson
Science Officer
Alexander Richards
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Lan Riel
Medical Officer
Kali Nicholotti
Intel Officer
Oliver Weston
Mission Spec.
Helm Officer
Randal Shayne
Engineering Officer
Chief of Security
Nemitor Atimen
Security Officer
Jonhar Mayne
Tactical Officer
Gina EsAleh
Tactical Officer
Stephanie Moore
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