Ailata Milath

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USS Artemis-A
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Ailata Milath
Position Administrative Assistant
Rank Petty Officer First Class
Species Selkie
Gender Female
DOB 236710.08
Age 33
Birthplace hi’Leyi’a, Pacifica

General NPC

Petty Officer First Class Ailata Milath is a Selkie Starfleet non-commissioned officer. She is currently assigned as the administrative assistant of the Science Department on USS Artemis-A. Born in hi’Leyi’a, the capital city of Pacifica in 2367, she joined Starfleet in 2387. Since then, she has served in various positions on different ships and stations, until being posted to the Artemis in 2400.


  • Height: 182 cm
  • Weight: 72 kg
  • Hair: None
  • Eyes: Black

Personal Life

Milath is ambitious, quickly hopping to new opportunities as they arise. She is competent but doesn’t easily form relations with her colleagues. Her attitude to them, both superior and subordinate, is condescending, like she has to put up with them.

She is nearing the age where the Selkie typically become fully aquatic, and it scares her. The fear of aging has caused her to enter an early midlife crisis. While some Selkies continue to serve in Starfleet even after they are no longer fully amphibious, Milath feels like it will be the end of her career. She wishes to make to Chief Petty Officer or Senior CPO before that, to the point she’s willing to hide her discomfort in standard environment.


Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
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Recruit 2387 - 2388 Starfleet Enlisted Training School Recruit
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Crewman Third Class 2388 Cait Spacedock Lab Assistant
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Crewman Second Class 2388 - 2390
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2390-2391 Starfleet Enlisted Training School Leadership Course Trainee
DS9style-po3 gold.png
Petty Officer Third Class 2391-2394 Deep Space 224
Logistics NCO
DS9style-po2 gold.png
Petty Officer Second Class 2394-2395
PICstyle-po2 blue.png
2395-2398 USS Chesapeake
USS Chesapeake Refit.jpg
Administrative Assistant (Science Dept)
PICstyle-po1 blue.png
Petty Officer First Class 2398-2400
2400-present USS Artemis-A
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