Transport One Away Mission (Victory)

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Transport One Away Team
238711.15 - 238712.13

Transport of Romulan Prisoner's to the USS Iowa on the New Runabout USS Aztec, under the command of Lt. Guy Perry Hunt.

Stardate 238711.15

The USS Aztec, a runabout modified for high-security prison transport, was scheduled to transfer two Romulan criminals to the USS Iowa. Unfortunately, engineers had reported that the Aztec was having difficulty achieving faster speeds than warp 2. A small crew from the USS Victory (which was under repair at SB118) was tasked with making repairs enroute.

Before repairs could be made, a malfunction in the mass compensator left the Aztec stranded in subspace with damaged life support systems. An emergency landing was made at a planet inside subspace for repairs, where the Aztec's crew encountered a large metallic life form, presumably a robot. This creature was surprised at the crew's biological origins, indicating that intelligent biological life on their planet had extinguished long ago. With the help of another similar creature, the Aztec was repaired and sent back into normal space.